the death of God

God emptied himself. Theologically it is called "kenosis". God abandoned himself and died to himself on the cross. Christmas says that God desolated the God of Beyond and became Emmanuel, God with us. Easter seals the deal and slammed the door shut to the transcendent God of Beyond. The cries of Jesus asking why God had abandoned him show that God had, indeed, fully emptied himself of himself and died alienated forever from the separate God of the Heavens. Jesus wasn't a representative of God, … [Read more...]

does all mean all or some?

The good news isn't that we've got a job to do but that the job's been done.The Easter story is about the breaking down of barriers. It reveals the fact that the dividing walls we build are fantasies and no longer stand. There is no longer in and out.Some like to believe the wall's been moved and that the special people designation has simply shifted to another group, of which they belong, of course.No. All means all. Not some. … [Read more...]

jesus lives bunny doesn’t

Jesus rolled the stone away and the bunny was in the way.Bunny loses. Jesus wins! … [Read more...]

so Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar

I appreciate Derrida's notion about a gift. He says it's one thing to give a gift expecting something in return. That's the lowest form of gift. A better form of a gift is when you give a gift expecting nothing in return. An even better form of a gift is when you give a gift and the recipient doesn't even know you gave it to them. But the highest form of a gift is when the giver doesn't even know it was given.That sounds like the best definition of grace, doesn't it? It sounds kind of like, … [Read more...]

an Easter morning death match

Again... Jesus versus the Easter Bunny.I have another cartoon I'll show you tomorrow who reveals the winner.Eat your chocolate in peace. … [Read more...]

bad bunny

Christ versus culture. Culture always wins.Or... Christ in culture. Culture still wins.As long as we draw a line between sacred and secular we will misunderstand where the battle really is.The Holy Spirit actually is Christ in human affairs, manifesting in the impulse for truth, harmony, equality and freedom.In a word... love. … [Read more...]

gooder fridays

The Easter story declares that we live in a new reality. Everything has changed. Behold, it is a new creation. A new reality. A new way of being. It is the true fulfillment now in time of the Emanuel promise... God with us... no longer 'up there' high above separate in the heavens but now among us, with us, in us, through us, as us, the All in all, the through all things reconciling all to the All.As I explain in my z-theory, the story of the Incarnation announces the end of God's … [Read more...]

jesus and his rainbow robe

Of course this didn't happen. But I thought it made for an interesting story.Plus there's the guys playing games while something far more important is happening. It actually reminds me of a lot of the debate going on around the sexuality and gender issues. They sometimes seem like such silly word games when human freedom and equality are at stake. … [Read more...]

an amicably legal easter

It's an interesting scenario... the amicable agreement between sacred and secular, religious and pagan, Christ and culture.We could scoff at some of the syncretistic religions around the world... where voodoo blends with Catholicism, or animalism with Christianity. But what person isn't syncretistic? Don't we all pick and choose our favorite life apps? The truth is we continually find ways to integrate our spiritual impulses with our preferred lifestyle.¬†We are always striking a deal with … [Read more...]