the fears are gone

I came across an old blog post, The Sum of All My Fears". I realized, upon reading the list of 10 fears, that all of them were related to me being a pastor within the church. Take a look:angering my superiors; upsetting people in my church who can do damage; being excommunicated; losing these friends; my family being hurt because of me; our church closing down; being unemployed; being attacked and ridiculed by those within and outside of the church; offending more people … [Read more...]

Sophia “Fearless”

I am once again making my Sophia prints available for just $25 each (not limited edition). Click HERE to check them out. They are excellent quality prints with acid-free ink on acid-free fine art paper. They are perfect for framing and hanging on your study wall, your office, your cubicle. Wherever you want to see it and be reminded of Sophia... a young woman's journey out of bondage and towards her own spiritual independence and wisdom.This one, Fearless, is one of the most popular of my … [Read more...]

Sophia “Fearless” 25% off

Join my free newsletter and you will get a permanent 25% off on all my artwork! Once you sign up for the free newsletter, you will get an email later with the free coupon code for my online gallery full of originals and prints of my cartoons, as well as my Sophia series, such as the one below called "Fearless" (the original has already sold). Scroll down to read my comments below the image.Some of the most fearless people I know are women. Against incredible odds and faced with unbelievably … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday Choice “Fearless”

So the winner of yesterday's Freebie Friday contest is Anna Cogliandro in Chesapeake, VA, USA. Congratulations Anna! The fine art print that she would like sent to her free is "Fearless". I'm calling her Sophia.There are affordable fine art prints available in my gallery. … [Read more...]

Fearless Commentary

You can buy a fine art print of this image, or the own the original! Click here!. <-- click there :)I made a new friend, Viveka von Rosen, also known as LinkedinExpert (her Twitter handle)! She loved my image of "Fearless" and wrote a great commentary on it as she applied it to her own personal challenge to being fearless on social media. Check out her post at Linked Into Business here. Here's an excerpt: I recently received a print of David Hayward’s picture, “Fearless.” The Pen and ink dr … [Read more...]

Illustration Friday: “artificial”

There really is no rational explanation for this picture. I spent hours on it. The original measures 4"x6" (10cm x 15cm). It is done with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Strathmore watercolor paper. It's my submission to this week's Illustration Friday contest entitled "artificial" (the artificial teddy bear facing the very real grizzly). However, the official title of the work is "fearless". The image emerged from the depths of my unconscious. She certainly is fearless.Click on the image … [Read more...]