fellowship with the familiar

Wouldn't Christian theology assert that the greatest love is that between God and people, between the Almighty and the weak, between the Holy and the unholy, between the Sacred and the sinner, between the Lover and the unloveable? And wouldn't it also assert that we are to love as we are loved?But wait! This is not perfect. The story of the good Samaritan turned it all upside down so that the unloveable loveless did the loving. So Christians: wouldn't it be safe to say, therefore, that to be … [Read more...]

Cartoon Knife in Back Revisited!

There's an interesting discussion going on over at Phoenix Preacher over this cartoon that I posted the other day. My cartoon on nakedpastor only provoked 7 comments. But Phoenix Preacher is getting a vast range of responses. Some are offended and repulsed by it. Some identify with it.I rarely comment on other blogs. I should do it more often. But I felt like participating in the conversation. Here's what I said: Hey everyone. Quite a conversation!! Maybe I can shed some light on the cartoon … [Read more...]

cartoon: knives and backs

GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS: Order my new cartoon book, nakedpastor101! … [Read more...]

A List on Building Community

I had an interesting and enjoyable conversation with a young man today. He wanted to talk with me about building a community based church. He said that there are all kinds of materials out there on traditional models of doing church. But there is hardly anything out there concerned with building a church that emphasizes relationship and community. Almost all material out there is on how to tweak style, not substance. He asked me if I knew of any. No, not much. He said that he's saved a file of … [Read more...]

cartoon: Don’t Ruin the Romance

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Friends Like You

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christmas banquet recap

so last night we had our annual christmas banquet. we did a potluck in the sanctuary. nice lighting, candles, and a few decorations. nothing fancy because we didn't want people to be unnecessarily overworked and distraught over it all. the food was simply awesome... everything from ham to sushi. it was incredible. the deserts were to die for... some pastries of all kinds, including shortbreads, chocolate tortes and the best rum-cake i'd ever, ever had. you could TASTE the rum! that lasted an … [Read more...]

christmas banquet

so our church is having its christmas banquet this evening. potluck. can't wait. got some people in the congregation providing entertainment... just fun stuff. we want to just hang back and enjoy ourselves. get joy out of just being together. fellowship. people. human interaction. enjoy each other. since my wife is from alabama, i plan on surprising her and the congregation with a little redneck christmas humor. missing teeth and all. i know jesus' brother bob's going to be there to sing his … [Read more...]