Advice for The Nines

I recently wrote a post in response to The Nines catastrophe of having only 4 women out of over 110 speakers. If this was a small local deal they might have gotten away with it. But The Nines is very public. That means higher scrutiny which in turn should inspire higher integrity. Instead it has caused a storm of implicit and explicit no's to women on one hand and a storm of advocacy for women on the other.I have simple advice for The Nines:Fair representation at the top. The board who … [Read more...]

Why Christian conferences are sexist.

Denny Burk asks the simple question, Are Christian Conferences Sexist. He asks this question in response to Jonathan Merritt's post, Are Christian Conferences Sexist? 'The Nines' Controversy Prompts Reflection.Merritt calls The Nines fiasco of having only 4 women speakers out of over 110 speakers "flat out embarrassing" and a "blunder".Burk's argument is that ministries who believe that women should not teach men should be left alone. They are simply trying to obey scripture, which Burk … [Read more...]

how to shape the dreams of our girls

Most people aren't even aware that they are limiting the dreams of girls. Most aren't conscious of the fact that they are shaping the dreams of their daughters and female students into a sexist ideal or a misogynist fantasy. Not only do men do this, but women too. This can be corrected.I was raised in a sexist culture. I need constant instruction to overcome my innate assumptions that are drilled into me by our misogynist society. I'm glad to be married to a strong woman. I'm glad to have a … [Read more...]

The Perplexing Problem of Women in the Church

What do you do when you have women on one hand who are every bit equal to men but the bible on the other hand that says they are not?Don't let your left hand know what you're right hand is doing?If your right hand offends you cut it off?I've made new friends with amazing women at The Lasting Supper! … [Read more...]

men are more equal

This cartoon is inspired by the increasing volume of arguments claiming that even though women are equal they are to serve a subservient role to men. Sure, men and women are equal, but men are more equal. Sure, men and women are equal, but their divinely sanctioned roles are to be faithfully followed.I am in the company of amazing women. My wife Lisa. My daughter Casile. Some local friends who used to be a part of my congregation but have also left the church.But over the last year, … [Read more...]

the unwomanly history of man

History. Herstory.Those in power write the authorized history books. There are other histories, other stories, if we are willing to read them. I would like to see more written. There's a challenge I hope you accept! I've drawn Sophia's alternate history, and now I'm starting to write her story to go with the images.This young girl doing her homework already realizes that the history she's been handed is biased and therefore inaccurate. Her sharp mind is already thinking of ways to tip … [Read more...]

women are just for marriage and motherhood

I'm always surprised when I critique certain unlovely aspects of religion and some people suggest that this only happens in fundamentalist denominations in the USA. Not! This can happen anywhere in the world in any organization.Someone sent me this link, 6 Reasons to Not Send Your Daughter to College, written by a Roman Catholic. Here they are:She will attract the wrong types of men. She will be in a near occasion of sin. She will not learn to be a wife and mother. The cost of a … [Read more...]

slut virgin wife

My cartoon and post yesterday, "The Modesty Purity Movement and Our Sacrificial Virgins" received a lot of attention from both sides of the camp. Read the comments to see what I mean.From the literature propagating the internet lately it appears to me that women have three choices: they can be a slut, a virgin or a wife. In a lot of what I read a woman is defined by her sex and her relationship to men. Either she's had sex or not. If she has she'd better be married. If she hasn't then … [Read more...]

the christian necessity for men to lead women

I came across this post, "What Kind of Guy Culture Tells Us To Be and Why Ryan Gosling Isn't That Great". He suggests that we are receiving our role-models on how to be a man from the Hangover movies (too fun-loving), from the hit song "Blurred Lines" (too sexually confident), and from Ryan Gosling's character in "The Notebook" (too passionate).Personally, if my daughter met a guy like Noah in The Notebook who loved her passionately and stayed with her to the end of her days, I'd be … [Read more...]

let’s blame women for what men do

I appreciate people sending me ideas for cartoons. So yesterday I had several people inform me that Pat Robertson was up to it again. Sometimes things are served to you on a silver platter. And sometimes I get tired of the same old stuff. But I couldn't let this one go. This man has a lot of influence so I felt like taking this one on.You can check out the video where Robertson responds to a woman asking how to forgive her husband who cheated on her. His advice? Men have a tendency to … [Read more...]