women leaders we apparently need to avoid

I want to comment on an article on Charisma Magazine's website. It is called Six Women Leaders To Avoid written by Lee Grady. Grady has his own website, The Mordecai Project, a site for his Christian ministry devoted to healing, protecting and empowering women around the world. He calls himself an advocate for women and desires to see them set free into Christian leadership. His mission is clearly summed up in this sentence: "… I am not giving up in my resolve to see an army of gifted, trained w … [Read more...]

well developed women

For many it doesn't matter if a person is well developed spiritually or intellectually or has developed excellent leadership skills. If this person has developed breasts and female genitalia then it invalidates the former. This person's unsuitable for ministry because she's a she.Gender trumps intelligence, spiritual maturity and leadership. It is said that we are just talking about someone's role, not their value. It is insisted that they still appreciate intelligent, mature, strong women, … [Read more...]

a remarkable family of remarkable women

Imagine sitting around the dinner table with these remarkable people!! Wow!ALL MY ART, SOPHIAS, CARTOONS, PAINTINGS, originals and prints, ARE 40% OFF UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY! USE THE COUPON CODE "loveis" TO GET INCREDIBLE DEALS ON THE ART YOU ALWAYS WANTED! CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]