Down to Earth Bodies

In Matthew you have some references to the last day. On that day, some will stand before him and say that they prophesied in his name, cast out demons in his name, and did many deeds of power in his name. They seem to recognize him, know his name, speak collectively as an organized group who apparently know him and operate under the authority and auspices of his name, and converse with him with confidence and a sense of membership in his movement.Then there is the other group who stands before … [Read more...]

A Photograph Tells It All

Hey everyone. Here's just one photo from my birthday party the other night. It was amazing. Thanks to all who came. Food, wine, laughter and engaging conversation was in abundance. At one point there were over 75 people, and many came and went. Wish you could've been here. I've got more photos I'll show tomorrow. Today's thanksgiving and I'm quite busy with family, so see you tomorrow! … [Read more...]

Brenda and Her Kites

This is Brenda. She's a part of our community. She's an artist. She's a friend. She comes to the church building at least one day a week to clean things up. Today she came in just to decorate the toddlers' room with colorful kites. I was so impressed with the colors that I just had to shoot a photograph of it. I like how she surrounds herself with brilliance... not only in color, but also with other things. She throws quite a party too! Her home looks like it's come right out of a designer … [Read more...]

Farmer Peter’s Party!

Peter and Debbie McCready, farming friends who are a part of our community, had a party for Peter's birthday last night. All were invited. It was packed! Above is a pic of just one of the rooms in their huge old farmhouse (1786!). Food galore! Man, can Debbie cook! Fresh homemade bread and hot pepper cream cheese, homemade lamb and barley soup, as well as homemade hot and sour soup. Homemade cakes and pastries. Wow. Wine from Chile to South Africa were there to spare and beer from Saint John to … [Read more...]

party food

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wine & dinner party

my good friend byron called to say he would be back in town and was i up for a visit. absolutely! he had been living here but has gone to Tyndale College in Toronto for his masters in family systems counseling. huge loss for us, great gain for the school. ANYWAY, Lisa cooked up her famous spaghetti casserole with salad, and we had some Sunrise Merlot (a good Chilean wine at an affordable price of $9.99!) so we sat around and talked for a few hours about everything. byron is one of the most … [Read more...]

christmas banquet

so our church is having its christmas banquet this evening. potluck. can't wait. got some people in the congregation providing entertainment... just fun stuff. we want to just hang back and enjoy ourselves. get joy out of just being together. fellowship. people. human interaction. enjoy each other. since my wife is from alabama, i plan on surprising her and the congregation with a little redneck christmas humor. missing teeth and all. i know jesus' brother bob's going to be there to sing his … [Read more...]