Envision, Plan and Make Your Escape

Envision, Plan and Make Your EscapeOur absolutely unbelievably amazing online community, The Lasting Supper, is entirely made up of escape artists: people who've escaped or are in the process of escaping from unhealthy churches, relationships, jobs and other unhappy situations. (I warmly invite you to come and join us.) Today I want to share with you some observations I've made from my own life as well as the lives of my friends about escaping.My Sophia series of 52 drawings, in a … [Read more...]

Sophia: freedom makes free

ALL MY SOPHIAS, originals and prints, ARE 40% OFF UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY! USE THE COUPON CODE "loveis" TO GET INCREDIBLE DEALS ON THE SOPHIA YOU ALWAYS WANTED! CLICK HERE!When you've been set free, as Sophia has, and once it has sunk in, and once you have learned how to live in it, and once you realize how near everyone is to realizing their own freedom, then you will do your part to release others.In fact, it will be automatic. I have noticed something: when others see you living … [Read more...]

from freedom to chains

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!I always heard the freedom in the gospel and it always baffled me when I ended up in a religious culture that manufactured chains.It's a cruel trick:religion offers us freedom we join to get free the religion, through rules, regulations and expectations, binds us in chains start over: the religion offers courses in getting free from bondageI remember singing beautiful worship songs about "loose these chains" or "set me free", … [Read more...]

freedom isn’t a bigger cage

We can go on making our small choices, ‘reinventing ourselves’ thoroughly, on condition that these choices do not seriously disturb the social and ideological balance (Zizek). There is a difference between "formal freedom" and "actual freedom". Formal freedom is when we are permitted to make choices within a given system or ideology. Actual freedom is when we question the very structure that grants us formal freedom to the point of undermining its power over us altogether.Perhaps, like me, you … [Read more...]

free to go

I know what it's like to be trapped. I know what it's like to feel trapped. The two feel exactly the same.You can come to learn that at those times when you feel trapped, you can eventually get to a place where you realize you are not trapped at all. It is the limitation your family, your friends, your community or your society has placed upon you. But, ultimately, it is the limitation you have put upon yourself. You have adopted not only your chains, but the chains of others.You are free to … [Read more...]

spirituality outside of church

It is possible and I would even say necessary to have a spirituality outside of church. That's my opinion of what a healthy church is anyway: a collective of uniquely independent spiritual pilgrims. Therefore, it comes down to how to have a healthy spirituality anyway, whether you go to church or not. Being outside the church is a valid and viable way of being spiritual.Right now I just want to share with you the first and most important step:Get in touch with your own spirituality! One of … [Read more...]

free indeed

I believe we all have a path. It is our life to discover it, explore it and walk it with joy. It is yours and yours alone, undefined and uncontrolled by others. Yours.But truth... that is another matter. As the great philosopher Krishnamurti said, "Truth is a pathless land." No one owns it. It belongs to no religion, sect or group or power or people.The person in this drawing has discovered freedom. It is overwhelming and awesome. Truly.There are those who will always attempt to modify … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “entangled”

Sophia represents my inner journey. Like Sophia, I used to think freedom was liberation from external forces trying to control me. Now I realize that the hardest battle for freedom is an interior one. Sophia is all tangled up in her own issues. But she is a determined young woman. She will achieve the freedom she so desperately desires. And that means me too!At an amazing 50% off, you can purchase the original HERE, or buy a print of it HERE.In anticipation of Valentine's Day, I am giving … [Read more...]

Sophia Freedom Means Letting Go

Sophia has learned a valuable lesson: trying to control only drives away. She has discovered that it is necessary to take the risk of liberating. She knows this because she discovered it about herself. If she liberates herself, if she lets herself go, frees herself... she will find her truest self.Yes it is terrifying to lose control. To surrender. To open the gate and let yourself run. One of the most frightening things is that we have to learn how to settle without fences.I've experienced … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “FREEDOM”

You know you are free when you delight in setting others free.This is another drawing in my Sophia series that I completed this weekend. It is the story of a young woman's courageous journey towards her own wisdom and independence. Here she sets the horses free because she is free.I have a good friend, Christy Clark, who rescues horses and uses these same recovered horses to help people in their own healing process. Check out her website Gratitude Works.Buy a print of "Freedom": CLICK … [Read more...]