where are you on this gender pyramid?

There's so much wrong with this I wouldn't even know where to start. So I won't.We talk a LOT about gender... its fluidity, its complexities, its realities, its lifestyles, etcetera, at The Lasting Supper. I invite you to join us for fascinating people, discussions and developing relationship. … [Read more...]

Gay Thursday: gay centered

Needless to say, this is a tough position to be in. Adversarial. Hostile. Behind enemy lines.We have a lot to learn. About love.Check out my books and my gallery. … [Read more...]

Jesus Fix Me

Do you ever wonder if even Jesus can put you back together again?Check out my books and my gallery. … [Read more...]

God Broke Up With Me

Check out my books and my gallery. … [Read more...]

visionary thinking

By now it is no secret to you that I abhor visionary thinking for the church. I'm not against visionary thinking for individuals, businesses, and other organizations. But when it comes to the church, I claim the healthiest church communities lack visionary thinking and goal setting from their DNA.I'll have more to say about this in the near future.I argue this at length and with a number of cartoons in my newest book, Without a Vision My People Prosper, available on Amazon (click on the … [Read more...]

church enmeshed

I was talking with my counselor yesterday. (Yes, I'm going through therapy like anyone going through major transitions should. In fact, I endorse having someone you can talk with on a regular basis no matter how healthy you think you are.) After a while she pointed out that I still have a lot of disappointment and maybe even some anger about the church. She suggested that I'm still "infected with the virus" and that I still have more work to do.I know. This older cartoon points that out. It … [Read more...]

two theological libraries

In Philippians 2, when the writer encourages the community to be like-minded, he immediately launches into a hymn about the emptying of God and the humiliation of Jesus. The Pauline writings reveal the intense focus on this theme.By their fruit you will know them. Knowledge is important, but it must stem from humility and love. If the fruit of a certain theology is arrogance, hatred and division, then it should be obvious that its roots are planted in bad soil.Do you want to invite me to … [Read more...]

the pastor and the pulse

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a good place to begin

Sometimes, when you get to the place where you no longer care, that is the best place to begin!I noticed this when pastored a church. If I cared too much, I often would try to bend things to my agenda. But when I gave up, that's when the best things would happen.Same with this blog. I notice that when I care too much, try to make nakedpastor into something important and useful, it becomes dry, forced and unpleasant. When I give up and just be, that's when it resonates most with my readers. … [Read more...]

Gay Thursday: new kind of bible theme park

I thought it would be interesting to have a new kind of bible theme park that contained attractions about the nastier parts of the bible. There's a whole lot more I could have used. Like Lot being raped by his two daughters. (Ya, sure!) Or the stoning of a man who picked up some kindling on the sabbath. Or David hamstringing a herd of horses. I also thought of a ride called "To Hell and Back" where you take a journey through the center of mega-church services.Maybe you have some ideas.Do you … [Read more...]