new Sophia drawing “Trapped”

This one of Sophia, our young woman on her courageous journey towards her independence and wisdom, must have a beginning. This is how I picture her… trapped and surrounded by trappings. I find these pieces so emotional to create because I know she represents my spirit, my inner self, and its journey out of religious slavery towards independence and wisdom.This one is called "Trapped". Sophia is chained to a stone cellar wall. She is surrounded by words of submission. Even though we might agree … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Hollow”

Ah... our young woman Sophia continues her journey toward her independence and wisdom. Here she has found a place to hide in the night. An ancient hollow tree. She has been awakened by the stirring of crows in the distance. What could this mean?There is something about Sophia that is at once unsettling and beautiful. She seems vulnerable and I want to protect her. But she also seems strong and insists on finding her own way. Her whole life has been prescribed and dictated. She must find her … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “tracks”

This is another one in my Sophia series... a young woman's courageous journey towards her independence and wisdom. Here the length of her journey is featured. She is crossing a snowy plain. The night continues to conceal her while the moon illumines her path.You can purchase the original (very affordable!) or fine art prints of it here. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Distant”

Another one in my Sophia series. This one measures 5"x7" (13cm x 18cm), and is done with pen and ink on Arches heavy acid free cotton rag paper. The original and fine art prints of it are available here, as well as my other artworks.I call this one "Distant" because we see her from afar. Also, there is something mysteriously aloof about her. Shy. We have yet to see her face. She has endured so much abuse, ridicule and misunderstanding that it is going to take a while for her to find herself, … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing: “Transparent”

Here is another installment in my original Sophia drawings. Yesterday's "super moon" was obviously an inspiration. Notice how her body is transparent, as if she has become one with the moon, or the moon with her. It adds to her mystery, rendering her even more complex. She is at once subtle but strong.It is done with pen and ink and watercolor on Arches 300 lb. hotpress archival cotton rag, and it measures 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).You can get the original or prints in my online gallery. … [Read more...]

cartoon: clearing

You can get a quality fine art print of this cartoon or its original here.Isn't it strange sometimes how what we normally think would be dangerous and what would be safe gets reversed? Our young woman has made a journey through the deep dark woods. She's finally come to a clearing. Should she leave the dark shelter of the forest and enter the clearing? She's not sure because she will expose herself to any potential threat. But if she is to persevere in her search she has no choice but to … [Read more...]

new graphite drawing: lake

Our young woman continues on her solitary journey towards her own courage and wholeness. She encounters a deep lake that she must cross before she can enjoy the comforts of home.Deep water is a prevailing symbol of the depths of our unconscious. We are instinctively afraid because we know we are going to encounter some darkness. But in order to grow and mature, we all have to overcome our fears and wade into it. And we will come out the other side with some serious questions... which we might … [Read more...]

new drawing: “Surrender”

I drew one last week similar to this one which I named "Sliver". I took it into my gallery, Klausen's in Saint John, for him to hang for sale. But it sold before it even left my hand. Apparently these images are being talked about so I thought I would do another one similar, but with a full moon. I call this one "Surrender". It is drawn with black ink from a Pilot G-TEC-C4 pen on Arches 300 lb. hotpress acid-free cotton rag, and it measures 2.5"x3.5". I'm calling her Sophia.You can get fine … [Read more...]

Be Free

I call this "SLIVER". This was done with pen and ink (Pilot G-Tec-C4) on Arches 300lb hotpress acid-free cotton rag paper, 2.5"x3.5". I'm calling her Sophia.Another image of our young woman taking the risk of discovering and exercising her own freedom. It is night. With the sparseness of light. It is her courage and innate wisdom that guide her. Even if she doesn't find that for which she searches, there is immeasurable joy in the seeking. It will have been worth it.Get an affordable print … [Read more...]

Miniature “Tightrope”

I drew this tonight. It's in the same theme of the young woman on her adventure, this time tightrope walking over a black stream under the light of the moon. It is done with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Arches 300lb hotpress acid-free watercolor paper, measuring 2.5"x3.5" (ACEO). It delights me. I'm calling her Sophia. … [Read more...]