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God as Remote Control

Purchase the original drawing or buy a print of this cartoon.It is completely normalized in religion to invoke God to control people. Some would argue that this is the sole purpose of religion.How have others used God to control you, to shame you, to motivate you, to coerce you, to manipulate you, to scare you, to employ your services, to get your money?Once you've seen how this happens so thoroughly all the time, once you've discerned this, then you can reject it all and seek your own … [Read more...]

three in one

Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.If the bible and the church has too much authority in your life, then the god of this equation is false. Some would say they are all false.Why did you give a book and an organization so much control over your life? Why are you afraid to say no to them? Why are you scared of your own spiritual independence?I would suggest that only when you are free from the blinding authority of the bible and the church will any clarity come as to what "god" … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: team player

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Honestly, you can pretend to hear from God and it will work for you and for those you tell. More than that, you can actually believe you hear from God and that is even more powerful and convincing. You can believe anything you want and the world will rush in to substantiate it. We need to realize that this happens.Have you read Endo's "Silence"? If not, you should. It's a powerful and honest writing about the silence of God.This isn't to say I don't feel as though I've received direction or … [Read more...]

anything happens

I got this line from the interesting film, Machine Gun Preacher" when Sam Childers expresses this sad reflection, overcome with the cruel injustice he's witnessing in the Sudan.I immediately wrote it down in my journal when I heard it because I've said this when confronted with incredibly bad news or when going through a crisis.In the context of suffering words like "God is in control!" make absolutely no sense. Anything happens!Realizations such as this help us move into a deeper … [Read more...]

the theology god

Hang a print of this cartoon in your study to remind ourselves to stay humble, to remember that our theology isn't the thing it is attempting to describe, and that our ideas will always fall short of the Truth.This isn't to say that we give up trying to describe. But let's not think we've ever arrived.Have a great day!You can buy a print of this cartoon HERE. … [Read more...]


Didn't Barth, one of the greatest theologians of all time, suggest that one of the key characteristics of a theologian ought to be joy? A sense of humor? Happiness?Don't we take ourselves too seriously? Sometimes? Too much?You can buy a print of this cartoon to hang in your study, your office, your cubicle, your home. A great reminder and conversation starter! … [Read more...]

need a friend?

Are you lonely? Do you need a friend? When I left the ministry a couple of years ago, we were lonely overnight. I know what loneliness feels like.Something Lisa and I have discovered is that you have to start exactly where you are. You have to start with yourself. Befriend yourself first. Be a friend first. Then reach out. Friends are there waiting.How do I know? Because everyone else is saying the same thing: "I need a friend." … [Read more...]


This is very much in line with my popular cartoon last week God at Gunpoint. It reminds me of King Kong: people attempting to control something insanely wild.It also reminds me of something Annie Dillard wrote: Why do we people in churches seem like cheerful, brainless tourists on a packaged tour of the Absolute? What kind of god can be tamed?Own the original drawing of this cartoon Or buy a print.Check out my books. … [Read more...]