God with attachments included

You can get a fine art reproduction of this cartoon, as well as other art, cartoons, and Sophias, in my store.Attachments should augment the product, not diminish or dilute it.So many attachments! So many accoutrements!I realize that along with some things other things come along as well. Like my marriage: I've got love and I got bills. But bills are part of the package to help sustain our love.Attachments that get in the way: cut them loose.Check out The Lasting Supper, a … [Read more...]

the division of humanity is the suffering of God

You can purchase a print of this cartoon in my store!Unity isn't to be achieved but believed. We are all one. But we are not all as one. The manifestation does not match the reality. This is clear.The Spirit is not only within the human collective, incarnationally it is the human collective. I suggest our divisiveness is therefore the suffering of Spirit.I read Zach Hoag's post, "Resolved: Quitting the Progressive Christian Internet in 2014". This concerns me because I am a part of … [Read more...]

What women who want equality in the church must face.

(Actually, this cartoon or t-shirt idea is not perfect because Paul said there is neither male nor female in Christ. But this will do for now.)I claim that the more dissenting an opposing group becomes, the more fundamentalist the group in power becomes. This is why we are witnessing the simultaneous growth of radical dissent and radical fundamentalism. If you're keeping up with the rapid daily reports, you must agree this is happening with women in the church. I think it comes down to three … [Read more...]

God as Dog and Cat

Acquire the ORIGINAL drawing of this cartoon for just $75. A steal: GO TO STORE. … [Read more...]

it’s right for God to slaughter women and children

I remember the first time I read the books of Judges and Joshua all in one day. I was overwhelmed with the violence of those books. They are full of blood, flowing throughout their pages, just like the bloody flood in the hallways of The Shining. Men, women and children, as well as animals, are being slaughtered everywhere every day.Someone sent me an interview of John Piper where he was asked why it was okay for God to slaughter women and children in the Old Testament. His answer: "It's … [Read more...]

why should we need protection from the church?

Why should we need protection from the church? Why should we need advocates against it? Why do we so often have to self-advocate against it? Why is abuse within the church a daily news item?Because it is a human institution. Barth said that religion is like a crater that the initial impact of a profound event left behind. Add to that the continuing changes of the crater. Add to that the tourist attractions. Add to that the need to protect it, enshrine it, and enforce it and you have the … [Read more...]

the trinity and pillow talk

This cartoon is wrong on so many leves...God, the Trinity, can't be seen, and if he could be he certainly wouldn't look like that!God neither slumbers nor sleeps.God doesn't "go" to church.God knows he wouldn't necessarily be missed because he understands that an institution may linger without the spirit of its founder for centuries.But this cartoon is right on so many levels...It makes me laugh (yes, I laugh at my own jokes).I hope it makes you laugh today too. … [Read more...]

our thoughts about God and God

Our thoughts about God are just that: thoughts about God. They are not God. They approximate God. This includes the thoughts, now written, of the biblical writers and all theologians since. All their thoughts and all their writings are not God, but approximations of God.This should not depress us. This should give us great joy that, if there is a God, this God should be greater than all we can imagine or articulate. If there is a God, then we should rejoice if this God's ways and thoughts … [Read more...]

draw near to god and he will draw near to you

This is, unabashedly, one of my cutest cartoons. Sometimes we need cute. Like bunnies. Happy faces. An anthropomorphic god.But there is a deeper message of union that is made manifest and tangible when we participate in it. … [Read more...]

God’s Bible

Someone might respond with, "The word of the Lord lasts forever" (1 Peter 1:25). But we all know that's not talking about the bible. It's talking about what is True. What is Reality.That-Which-We-Call-God doesn't have a favorite translation, doesn't use the red-letter edition, doesn't read it every day or any day.That-Which-We-Call-God doesn't have a bible.Which is why in the cartoon God is laughing his head off, along with all kinds of other reasons.Purchase my art, including cartoons, … [Read more...]