just stick my name on it

I find it interesting when someone says "But Christians believe this..." There are as many brands of Christianity as there are Christians. The variety of belief is profound!I am very interested in theology. I'm very interested in what the bible says Jesus taught. I'm very interested in what this means.But I'm sure, however, that lots of what gets passed for his teaching isn't even remotely related.You might like to visit my online gallery and purchase some of my artwork! … [Read more...]

zombie disciples

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a pretty great commission

Years ago when I was going to plant a church someone told me that all I needed to do was collect ten tithers... ten people who would tithe 10% of their income. That would give me enough income to meet their average income. Made sense. So, for all you church planters out there: easy-peasy.I never did find ten tithers. Turns out that's who I wasn't looking for anyway.I'm not against tithing or tithers. Lisa and I did it our whole church lives. I didn't teach it though. I don't regret it. Now … [Read more...]