one book two attitudes

As we can see from these two fellas, their minds are predisposed to thinking a certain way, and the bible supports their contradictory attitudes.Our minds form a worldview at a very young age. Then it finds the appropriate information that agrees with this worldview. This in turn confirms and solidifies the worldview, which then endorses and promotes the information with which it agrees.It is a vicious circle that is very difficult to escape. … [Read more...]

sinners in the hands of an angry preacher

What some believe is often used to endorse pretty serious mistreatment of others. Injustices all over the world and in our own circles are believed to have the blessing of something. … [Read more...]

dick in a box

Stupid and hateful things are being said every day in the name of religion.Those who do so believe they are being inspired by their god and endorsed by their holy book.Actually, the root of their hatred is not their god or their book, but their own heart. They're dicks in boxes they've inherited, modified and made for themselves.From bitter springs comes bitter water.(The title of this cartoon is inspired by a SNL skit by Justin Timberlake.)Own the original drawing. Buy a print of this … [Read more...]

i love you now i hate you

They loved Moses for taking them out of Egypt. They resented Moses for taking them out of Egypt. They loved Job because he was righteous. They corrected Job because he was righteous. They loved Samuel because he didn't act like a king. They overlooked Samuel because he didn't act like a king. They loved David because he ruled with his heart. They got exasperated with David because he ruled with his heart. They loved Jeremiah for prophesying to Israel. They stopped listening to Jeremiah for … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Not Call Yourself the Dove World Outreach Center

A little parody on 10 reasons why you shouldn't call yourself the Dove World Outreach Center:Doves symbolize peace. They are meek, mild and gentle. DWOC's speech is filled with war, and its leader sounds aggressive. Braveheart music in the background of their video conjures up war horses, not doves. It conjures up conquering, not come-unity. The use of the word "world" in conjunction with "dove" and "outreach" implies loving efforts, when in fact suspicion and hate is at the root of DWOC's … [Read more...]

cartoon: the logic of hate

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The Tools Are Close at Hand

The tools for self-awareness are close at hand. Years ago, early in my marriage to Lisa, I had a revelation that shattered me for life. I was all alone way back in the woods hunting deer. I was resting in the snow on a fallen log. In the distance I could hear the coyotes starting to call as the cool sun fell beneath the tree tops. I was thinking of my marriage. I was thinking of my love for Lisa. You see, earlier that day she had challenged me on the duplicity of my love. She said that when I … [Read more...]

cartoon: old testament love

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Jaunt With Jesus #29: Perfect Hatred

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