new painting: cold tree

I painted this watercolor yesterday and today. It measures approximately 8"x10" (20cm x 26cm). I think it is a reflection of my soul right now. Sunday morning, though stunningly beautiful, is a very lonely solitary time. Peaceful. Tranquil. I think this tree captures the essence of that mood. (available here) … [Read more...]

new charcoal drawing “island”

This is a charcoal drawing I did yesterday. I call it "Island". It measures 4"x6" (10cm x 15cm). It is available in my online gallery along with several others here.(click on picture for a larger image) … [Read more...]

Let’s Admit the Silence

Prayer does nothing to alleviate suffering. (Ferriera in Shusaku Endo's Silence).Certainly upon this we must agree. Or perhaps not.I remember in March last year I wrote a post called "I've Never Seen a Miracle". The flack that ensued was surprising. First of all, I didn't think all that many people read my blog locally. But someone did and the news travelled fast. Being in the Vineyard movement and being a pastor of one its churches was problematic in that it emphasizes the supernatural. … [Read more...]

New Oil Pastel: Day Comes

This is a new oil pastel I completed today. It measures approximately 8"x20" (20cm x 50cm) on Arches 300lb. coldpress acid free cotton rag watercolor paper.You can see more detail in my fine art gallery. … [Read more...]


(This is a watercolor and ink on Arches 300 lb c/p watercolor cotton rag paper, 10"x14" (25.5cm x 35.5cm), depicting the Northern Lights with moon and stars. It is sold and has been shipped to its home in New Zealand.)Is it possible for people to just gather as a community without investing the community with its own self-image? Is it possible for a community to be completely free of vision?I'm not sure. I tried. I had to quit the last community I oversaw when I realized the tide had turned … [Read more...]

Miniature Watercolor Art

We're getting ready for another Gallery Hop in Saint John in early May. The theme for our gallery this time is ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals: miniature pieces of art measuring 2.5"x3.5"). I've done 23 originals so far. These are all ink and watercolor. Here's four of them: … [Read more...]

Purging My 2009 Art… Available with FREE SHIPPING!!

I am selling off all my 2009 inventory of my original artworks at sale prices. I've gone through a kind of personal transformation that I trust will be manifested in my art. I am turning a new leaf, so to speak. So I am sort of "purging" my older pieces. I still love them, but it's time for them to go and find their new homes. There are some incredible deals so you might want to hurry to select yours. I will continue posting them on my art site, so stay tuned. Also, I am providing FREE SHIPPING … [Read more...]

defined or confined?

I just read something from Huston Smith's fairly recent book, The Soul of Christianity. He suggests that: there is a new mood in Christendom, a more conscious, general recognition that though for Christians God is defined by Jesus, he is not confined to Jesus. I like this. However, I'm not sure it is complete enough. I agree with the first part that God is defined by Jesus, that Jesus as represented in the scriptures is an analogy of what God is like. The second part, that God is not confined to … [Read more...]

Committed to Love

This last weekend I was at a conference. One day one of the speakers spoke on love. I was moved to desire to love more deeply. Here's some of the commitments I made:I relinquish all control of others, and commit to the liberation all people. I choose to be kind, even to the meanest. I celebrate the success of others, even my enemies. I refuse to protect, secure or improve my reputation. I renounce pride, and consider others as better than I. I decline making demands, even when it would be … [Read more...]

cartoon: sleep, snooze, snore, slumber, stalling

twitter meCheck out my t-shirts HERE. I'm growing my inventory all the time. And check out my contemplative art here and my nakedpastor art here. … [Read more...]