one too many questions

Oh, it's okay to ask mundane questions. Questions that don't mean anything. Harmless questions. "How many days was Jonah is the belly of the whale?" "What must I do to be saved?" "How can I serve you?" I'm not talking about those kinds of questions.I'm talking about questions that threaten the status quo, the establishment, popular belief, or the endorsed course of action. Like some of the questions I've asked in the past that have gotten me in trouble: "Why is premarital sex a sin?" "Why is … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: made you sin

God is not orthodox. In the scriptures, God doesn't punish bad theology. It's behavior that is the concern. Specifically, behavior towards others.Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all who will receive it!(I thought I would ramp up my prayers from the cell. My hilarious friend Mike Myers suggested I do this and told me how to do it with my iPhone. This could be a whole new level of fun.) … [Read more...]

hell for sex

I remember in bible college having to sit through a series of sermons on sexuality. We were taught all about the sins of unmarried sex, masturbation and oral sex. There was even some theologizing about sex positions, including the sin of the woman being on top... a submission issue. All participating in these activities were going to hell.I remember friends of mine... boyfriend and girlfriend... feeling so guilty after making out in a car that they confessed their sin to the dean of students. … [Read more...]

asbojesus hell nakedpastor heaven

So Jon Birch, the cartoonist behind asbojesus... he commented on my blogpost yesterday. He and I have gone back and forth before. Great guy!I challenged him last night to post a cartoon about nakedpastor since I was going to post one about asbojesus. So here it is!Asbojesus fans are in Hell. Nakedpastor fans are in Heaven. HEHEHE!MY ART & CARTOONS                 MY BOOKS … [Read more...]

separating sheep from goats

When I first drew this cartoon several years ago, I wanted to portray how so many people indirectly condemn people to judgment and to hell. Such as some people would never tell a gay person they are going to hell to their face. But they will say gay people are going to hell. Keeping it general somehow seems less personal. Even though it's not. Put yourself in the goats' hooves.But then there are others who just outright tell people that's where they're going. Now it seems more cool to be more … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll in Hell

I read this story last night about Mark Driscoll's interview by Justin Brierley who hosts the UK Christian podcast Unbelievable. This interview, totally in keeping with the name of the show, is certainly unbelievable.I immediately thought of this cartoon. Double meaning: it acknowledges Mark's arrogant, male supremacist, bullying, tough guy attitude that he flaunts and buttresses with his theology. But it also suggests that his ideas will not survive the testing fires of purgation.If anyone … [Read more...]

Gay Saturday: homosexual hell

You might like to follow me on facebook and twitter, etc., because I post there far more often than just on my blog. (Just go to my blog and click on my social media under my profile pic!) Interesting things happen there. For instance, last night on my facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and tumblr, I posted this: Navigating beyond the borders of the church is scary because support doesn't come from the church but from that which it doesn't endorse. In response, my fellow pastor and … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: oh the numbers

When I was in my last year of high school I was good friends with Janice. I remember we were at a party. We got into a conversation about God because she knew I was going to go to Bible College and she asked why. She had gone through so much suffering in her life that she decided there must not be a compassionate god. She added force to her argument by pointing out all the atrocities around the world throughout history. She flatly said, "David, there is no god!"After the party when I was … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: which word doesn’t belong?

It is not helpful to be theologically lazy. It does not contribute to the conversation to dilute truth and make it palatable for everyone. It doesn't help when everyone conforms their ideas to make a soupy stew of tasteless substitutes.What I mean by this prayer from the cell is that I just can't simply say, "You're evil. You're going to Hell!" Or "You didn't accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Savior. You're going to Hell!" Neither am I willing to say, "God is good. There can't … [Read more...]

if there was a Hell

Why are some people so quick to consign others to Hell?If there was a Hell, wouldn't it be reserved for those who want to throw people there?But I suspect that even they, if given a glimpse of such a place, would change their minds.If they wouldn't, how hard their hearts? … [Read more...]