Apparently Jesus is taking it all personal

Hehe. You can get this cartoon print and many others in my shop!It's amazing to me how refined everyone's definitions and requirements are becoming. It's almost like you can't have one word out of place.Plus, Jesus and his Father are taking everything so personally these days and getting offended over the least little thing.So look out!The Lasting Supper Global Community … [Read more...]

Marcus Borg, Tony Jones and the body of Jesus

The angel Michael and Satan argued over the body of Moses (Jude 9). The church continues to debate over the body of Jesus. As I think it should.Last week Tony Jones wrote his opinion of Marcus Borg's theology of the resurrection. Marcus Borg says that Jones misrepresented what he said and believes. Jones came back with his own clarification and defense. Borg responded, concluding that they simply do not agree on the physical material resurrection of the body of Jesus.It's an … [Read more...]

is your god a trickster?

Order a reproduction of this cartoon!Do you feel damned if you do and damned if you don't?Does it seem that no matter what steps you take you will be labeled a sinner and consigned to discipline?Can the god you've been delivered be trusted?The fears surrounding our ideas of God can be enormous and debilitating.And there are those who know how to use these fears to their advantage.This is the kind of stuff we freely and safely talk about at The Lasting Supper. Come join … [Read more...]

hell and speaking the truth

This cartoon was inspired by something I saw on Facebook where the person said, "Speak the truth, no matter how hard it is, in love. And if it's too hard, tell them anyway!""Speaking the truth in love", in my experience, is usually a good theological justification for verbally abusing someone. If someone ever says to you, "I have something to tell in you love...", get ready for a sugar-coated tongue-lashing.It's always the other who is going to Hell. Those consigned to Hell are... NOT … [Read more...]

this post is all about sex and masturbation

Of course we know Jesus didn't masturbate because he didn't have a penis. That part about him being circumcised was just a Jewish gloss because God is nothing so why would he become a Jew?I remember the shock I felt when a bible college professor posed the question, "Did Jesus go to the bathroom?" I was shocked because we all know Jesus didn't have a bum because God doesn't have a bum. Jesus didn't need a bum because he ate so perfectly, so purely, so cleanly, that he produced no waste. God … [Read more...]

3 theological views on heaven hell and limbo

We are going to have a Google Hangout on The Lasting Supper today. We are talking about "Moving On With Meaning". The Lasting Supper is a safe community for people to explore and exercise their spiritual freedom without creed or expectation. I invite you to consider joining. … [Read more...]

a divine obligation to fill hell

In Matthew 18:18, Jesus is quoted as saying, "I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."What would happen if we let Hell go?(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25 plus shipping. Or you can look through my online gallery.) … [Read more...]

Helluva Christmas Present

"Helluva Christmas Present"The mental gymnastics we will perform to make some theology work are amazing. Olympic worthy!Take advantage of my low prices for original art, fine prints and my e-books HERE. … [Read more...]