the unwomanly history of man

History. Herstory.Those in power write the authorized history books. There are other histories, other stories, if we are willing to read them. I would like to see more written. There's a challenge I hope you accept! I've drawn Sophia'sĀ alternate history, and now I'm starting to write her story to go with the images.This young girl doing her homework already realizes that the history she's been handed is biased and therefore inaccurate. Her sharp mind is already thinking of ways to tip … [Read more...]

Explore & Keep Your Roots

People who go on expeditions to explore new territory know it is neither wise nor safe to cut themselves off from all civilization, all contact, all concern, and just disappear into the wilderness. They take communication devices, the knowledge of what works and what doesn't, maps, sextants, compasses, first-aide, experienced companions, journals to record and report, and countless more supplies, no doubt mostly prepared by others. Even hermits or people like Christopher McCandless do this, but … [Read more...]