one love two stories

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gay jesus

What Would A Gay Jesus Do? What Jesus does!Since "in Christ" there is no male or female, then that makes "in Christ" radically inclusive of all sexualities. Just like since "in Christ" there is no Jew or Greek it makes "in Christ" radically inclusive of all religions and spiritualities.It really is as simple as that. Why complicate it?Get my books on Amazon in paperback or Kindle: HERE! … [Read more...]

gay thursday: change your theology

I had been doing Gay Saturdays. But I'm going to make them Sophia Saturdays so I can faithfully tell her story weekly. Now it's going to be Gay Thursday.So about the cartoon: This happens. A lot.Have you ever considered that things in life are presented to us, not so that we can change them, but so that we can be changed?Theology is for stretching... for stretching our own hearts and minds. … [Read more...]

gay saturday: just friends

I have gay friends who have tried this maneuver. It only works for a while.Because I also have straight friends who after a while were accused of being gay.No matter what our sexuality is, it is difficult to navigate in a fearful, paranoid and judgmental world.I provide transition support. If you want to make arrangements to talk, email me. My BOOKS.My ART. … [Read more...]

Gay Saturday: homosexual hell

You might like to follow me on facebook and twitter, etc., because I post there far more often than just on my blog. (Just go to my blog and click on my social media under my profile pic!) Interesting things happen there. For instance, last night on my facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and tumblr, I posted this: Navigating beyond the borders of the church is scary because support doesn't come from the church but from that which it doesn't endorse. In response, my fellow pastor and … [Read more...]

gay stoning or wording

Murder is an instant and graphic way of dismissing someone from our lives. That's why, in the old days, exile carried almost the same weight as the death penalty. Families, clans and tribes were absolutely primary and removal from them was paramount to death.Now we can just separate ourselves from those deserving of death by other, more civil, means.But behind it all is the same motivation...... which is the exact opposite of incarnation.Download this cartoon for just .99¢(If you are … [Read more...]

what if they find out?

There are communities where you don't have to live under fear of being discovered, where you are accepted and embraced as you are, where you don't have to constantly hide or deny your identity. I know because I've been a part of them and visited them. They are very special sanctuaries.But they are rare. Which is why they are so special. If you find one get adopted! My hope is that their numbers grow. I do sense a rising tide and that eventually people will recognize they are to be as fully … [Read more...]

Inclusive Community

I just spent the weekend with Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. It was a mind-blowing 48 hour trip. It is an inclusive community that I found encouraging. Such communities actually do exist. It was an overpowering and transformative weekend for me. I can't wait to tell you all about it. I hope to be able to do that tomorrow.This cartoon, when I showed it to the community, got such a reaction, with laughter and applause, that I almost fell over and actually became embarrassed. … [Read more...]

to judge is not to love

I was talking with an acquaintance today who is gay. I was telling him about my upcoming weekend in Dallas, speaking at Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas Texas. He was asking me why I was going there. I said it was because of my blog. He said, "You're a blogger? What's your blog?" I said, "Nakedpastor!" He exclaimed, "You're him?" I laughed because it struck me so funny because we've known each other so long and I never brought it up. I'm my own worst promoter!Ya, I'm "him"! Funny. … [Read more...]

gay magically turned

This cartoon follows in the wake of Bill Hybels' and Willow Creek's pronounced stance on homosexuality. It seems that gay and Christian is the new monasticism. … [Read more...]