why Rob Bell’s short response to homosexuality is good and reusable

This is why I think Rob Bell's one minute affirmation of homosexuality makes sense, and why I think you can use this to answer similar questions regarding similar issues:He doesn't theorize in a vacuum: In this video at least, he is answering this difficult question in the "epicenter of gay culture", among gays, answering a gay man face to face. Plus the fact that he mentions his gay friend lends weight to it. He doesn't invoke scripture: I believe relying on scripture to refute or affirm … [Read more...]

marriage equality won’t go away

Tomorrow and Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases regarding same-sex marriage... one concerning California's Proposition 8 and the other the Defense of Marriage Act. Significant!Marriage equality is not going away. I'm hopeful, even convinced, that it is coming. Soon. I'm speaking from Canada so for some of you I live in the future.Some would see this advancement as a terrible regression. They would think of the Noah and the flood. They would believe that … [Read more...]

Old Categories or New?

In his book Science, Truth and Democracy, scientific philosopher Philip Kitcher argues that the old way of doing science with its hierarchies, taxonomies and categories, such as could be applied to species, must be challenged. Did the species simply originate and we labeled them accordingly, or are our categories an attempt to organize and understand an overwhelming world? The problem with our firm categories is that we force new findings into them. This puts the integrity of the research and … [Read more...]


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