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cartoon: growth of an idea

This is the danger of ideas. If we love them too much they take on a life of their own and can turn into inhumane ideologies. The next logical step is it becomes an idol which dominates and rules us. … [Read more...]

mary mary not contrary

like tonight, for instance, i realized that i didn't want to preach tomorrow. i was dreading it. i ALWAYS take that as a sign, sometimes too late, that something is wrong. it's 8:30 pm, a little late wouldn't you think to redo a talk you are giving in a little over 12 hours, and you have to get a sleep in there. you know, we pastors can be dense! thick in the head. we're slow to learn. sometimes i've been up preaching, and right in the middle of my sermon i realize that something is wrong. … [Read more...]