Question Everything

Nearly every day someone challenges me with the question, "What do you believe?"This isn't important.Nearly every day someone informs me that they can no longer follow me or read my blog because I offend them. Even yesterday, someone close to me told me to stop blogging and drawing such offensive material. I said I couldn't use that as a criteria or I couldn't write or cartoon at all. This person informed me that they will no longer be following me.There's nothing I can do about that.I … [Read more...]

cartoon: ideas people

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christmas banquet

so our church is having its christmas banquet this evening. potluck. can't wait. got some people in the congregation providing entertainment... just fun stuff. we want to just hang back and enjoy ourselves. get joy out of just being together. fellowship. people. human interaction. enjoy each other. since my wife is from alabama, i plan on surprising her and the congregation with a little redneck christmas humor. missing teeth and all. i know jesus' brother bob's going to be there to sing his … [Read more...]