of such is the new world

I wonder if the stories of Jesus with children... especially the one where he said "of such is the kingdom of heaven"... suggest that the new world is made up of people who look before, beneath and beyond the distinctions. Or, better, look right at them with compassionate wonder.There are two ways to see distinctions. One way is to see them as flawed factors in the other necessitating division and separation. Another is to appreciate them as the beautifully distinctive features that enrich … [Read more...]

Can Christians Gather?

If you didn't believe me as a pastor, will you believe me now as one who is not?Now, most of what I do with my time is dictated by others. The rest is taken up with the incessant demands of everyday life, including sleep. This is just normalcy for most people. This is why we enjoy our weekends so much. This is why Sunday mornings are so extravagantly wonderful. There is nothing to do but relax. In a few hours unusually free of applied pressures, no one can even tell us to go buy something, … [Read more...]

cartoon: growth of an idea

This is the danger of ideas. If we love them too much they take on a life of their own and can turn into inhumane ideologies. The next logical step is it becomes an idol which dominates and rules us. … [Read more...]