the sermon red letter edition

Purchase a print of this cartoon.The danger of feeling a special sense of privilege when you're in a position of influence is real and constant. When one has been raised on the bible and "hearing from God" and does this full time and has been preaching for years, the temptation to consider yourself the expert is sometimes subtle but surely strong.I've sat under preaching that is overtly condescending. There's no discernment necessary. You are being verbally slapped around. But I've also … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: idiots

Are you churchless or thinking of being so? Are you looking for people walking a similar path to yours? Do you need a safe place to share your stories and hear the stories of others? Are you looking for resources to help you travel your strange new journey in a confident and healthy way? Are you an ex-member or even an ex-pastor like me? Then join my art! … [Read more...]