what if they find out?

There are communities where you don't have to live under fear of being discovered, where you are accepted and embraced as you are, where you don't have to constantly hide or deny your identity. I know because I've been a part of them and visited them. They are very special sanctuaries.But they are rare. Which is why they are so special. If you find one get adopted! My hope is that their numbers grow. I do sense a rising tide and that eventually people will recognize they are to be as fully … [Read more...]

The Nakedpastor is Robed!

I've been thinking a great deal since my trip to speak at Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. I had an incredible weekend. This is me in a clerical robe and the green-themed Guatemalan stole getting ready for the Sunday morning service. I am naked underneath. Just like you.The first thing that hit me was that it is a very inclusive community. It was very mixed company, with heterosexuals, married, gay and lesbian couples, etc. But what got me was that there was no tension in … [Read more...]

cartoon: the gay-friendly church

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What Gets Me In Trouble

If people visit our community because they think it's cool, they are going to be disappointed. Sure, our music is contemporary with a full band. We dress down and casual. We are laid back. The teaching time is sometimes loose, interactive, and different than what's normal. We have coffee. We are quite young (I'm among the oldest). I often read from unorthodox versions. But that's all incidental. We don't try to be these things. This is just what we are. I disdain the thought of being cool just … [Read more...]

cartoon: a measured distance

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cartoon: Narrowing the Odd

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cartoon: Don’t Ruin the Romance

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Laws, Logs and Love

Jesus, in the face of a centralized hostility towards outsiders, foreigners and the unclean, spoke a message of decentralization, inclusion and the reconciliation of all things. He resisted the official representatives of an exclusive elitism, an insular ideology, a segregational salvation, and a divisive dogma. The people with their leaders had dismally failed in their mission to be a light to the whole world. The early church believed Jesus to be that light that ended the tyranny of darkness … [Read more...]


They assure me I'm among friends. They say they love me like their God does. Oh how I hope it is true! Could it be, that I could find a place to be and rest? Where I could belong?I fear with all my might that they will see the me that's inside of me. I edit my words. I tell my story with caution. I read their faces. for any reaction that says I don't belong.He cracks a harmless joke. But a word was used that's always used against me and my kind. Like a turtle, I'll let them eye my … [Read more...]