free to go

I know what it's like to be trapped. I know what it's like to feel trapped. The two feel exactly the same.You can come to learn that at those times when you feel trapped, you can eventually get to a place where you realize you are not trapped at all. It is the limitation your family, your friends, your community or your society has placed upon you. But, ultimately, it is the limitation you have put upon yourself. You have adopted not only your chains, but the chains of others.You are free to … [Read more...]

life and fear

The fear of being loved. The fear of rejection.The fear of success. The fear of failure.The fear of commitment. The fear of loneliness.The fear of fame. The fear of obscurity.The fear of wealth. The fear of poverty.The fear of praise. The fear of ridicule.The fear of comfort. The fear of pain.The fear of being right. The fear of being wrong (see Seth Godin's blog post today on this).The fear of death. The fear of life.Own the original drawing! Buy a print of this cartoon.Get … [Read more...]

first step to heal yourself

I believe more and more that we are going to have to learn to heal ourselves.So... the first step to healing yourself from spiritual abuse is always the most difficult.This is because the underlying assumption of the abuser is that it is necessary for you to be under some authority and you are incapable of being self-determining. We exacerbate this by believing these things. If we believe we need to be under some authority and we can't determine what's best for us, then the conditions are … [Read more...]

serving time eternal

Sometimes it is difficult to have faith in human progress when it comes to justice issues. I have hope and do what I can. But time often proves that the human race can perpetually devise ways to achieve its selfish and destructive ends.I wrote a post quite a while ago about the difficulty of holding a dialog between liberals, moderates and fundamentalists. You can read it here. I linked to a recent manifesto written by Bishop Shelby Spong in which he expresses his decision to longer drag his … [Read more...]

cartoon: jail Jesus

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cartoon: freedom in waiting

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