jesus christ empire hunter movie

Look out empires. He's coming after you! … [Read more...]

Canadian Thanksgiving, Jesus and Turkeys

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today.I want to thank everyone who gave me birthday wishes yesterday. I was overwhelmed with emails and comments and facebook notifications and tweets and phone calls, etc., etc., and I'm overwhelmed today with the feeling of friendship.That's something to be thankful for!(I'm doing a one hour webinar tomorrow night with my friend Nick on "Is Spiritual Independence Okay?". Read more and register here.) … [Read more...]

be right back

Purchase the original or a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

Jesus Questions

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!If Jesus is the answer, why'd he have so many questions? Could it be that questions are the answer? (The title of one of my next book projects!) … [Read more...]

take your soul

While I was drawing this cartoon, I was listening to "Elysium", the theme song from the film Gladiator. Now there was a man who, even though they took everything else, didn't let them take his soul.Even though Jesus didn't say these words, I think they are heard.(I'm still inviting new members to join my more intimate site, davidhayward. Some amazing stories, as well as resources for spiritual transition!)Purchase the original drawing, or purchase a print of this drawing. … [Read more...]

you were better before

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from corner to step

Ain't it the truth? Is there anything offensive about Jesus anymore to anybody anywhere? Sheesh!Visit my gallery to purchase some art. … [Read more...]

losing your faith

My mission is to empower people to be spiritually independent and happy about it.I used to think I help people who've left the church or are having difficulty staying. Actually, people who've left the church haven't necessarily changed their thinking. So my mission has become even more focused. Who I really help are people who's belief systems are crashing down around them and are losing their faith. As a result, the church has become meaningless or even harmful to them.I want to help you … [Read more...]

just stick my name on it

I find it interesting when someone says "But Christians believe this..." There are as many brands of Christianity as there are Christians. The variety of belief is profound!I am very interested in theology. I'm very interested in what the bible says Jesus taught. I'm very interested in what this means.But I'm sure, however, that lots of what gets passed for his teaching isn't even remotely related.You might like to visit my online gallery and purchase some of my artwork! … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: “includer” print

Today I'm giving away a fine art print of one of my drawing, "includer". This is the offense of Jesus: not that he was tolerant (because we see with some he was not); not that he was a good man (because we see that many considered him a dangerous, sinful heretic); not that he was wise (because we see that many thought him a fool, including his own followers); and not that he was a miracle worker (because we see that many considered him a fraud and sorcerer). No. What was so offensive about … [Read more...]