Jesus Control

Think of the stories in the bible.Moses couldn't control God, so they made a golden calf that they could control.Jeremiah couldn't control God. So they hired prophets who could.Paul couldn't control God. So the Jerusalem church troubled his communities.They couldn't control Jesus. So they killed him.Note: the most successful ministries today are those that are in control of a manageable god. … [Read more...]

in good with God

Jesus' mission, as well as Paul's, was an inclusive one. Their mission was to inform those who thought they were excluded that they weren't.Today, the mission of many seems to be to inform those who think they are children of God that they in fact aren't.Backwards.My books are full of thoughts and cartoons like this in paperback or Kindle: click here! … [Read more...]

happy mothers day: what a job!

The story of mother Mary is quite astounding. On the one hand she hears incredible promises that must fill her heart with hope for her son. On the other hand there is the bitter reality that seems to manifest just the opposite. I think, above all, she would have to have the quality we call resilience.Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult conditions. I think this is a quality we can train ourselves in. We can get better at it. I think at the bottom of it is an … [Read more...]

the slow long thaw

I said to Lisa that I'll have a better idea how I feel today tomorrow. It's true. Part of it has to do with my personality. It takes me a while to get in touch with what I'm really feeling deep down inside.But there's another reason too. When we experience some kind of trauma... especially abuse... a part of us... the abused part... freezes over. But when we intentionally begin the healing process, the ice starts to thaw. I'm not saying I was abused, but I certainly experienced one of the most … [Read more...]

new artwork of Jesus “includer”

I finally finished this piece. It is done with graphite pencil, ink and colored pencil on heavy cotton rag paper. It measures 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).I call this "includer". I really don't feel like commenting on it. It speaks to me for itself. I hope it does for you as well.Own the original drawing! Or buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

teaching then and now

It's exhausting listening to some of the preaching and teaching out there today. If there's anything clear from scripture it's that people didn't have a clue. At least that initiated some pretty interesting thought and discussion. Not that we want to go back there.But at least... where's the Mystery?my prints                                        my books … [Read more...]

high horse

There's lots of pride floating around. The amazing thing about pride is that you aren't aware that you have it. Until it is embarrassingly too late.Like this guy. He's so high up that he can't even hear straight. … [Read more...]

Pastor Jesus

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nobody understands my pain

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i think i’m gay

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