mary mary not contrary

like tonight, for instance, i realized that i didn't want to preach tomorrow. i was dreading it. i ALWAYS take that as a sign, sometimes too late, that something is wrong. it's 8:30 pm, a little late wouldn't you think to redo a talk you are giving in a little over 12 hours, and you have to get a sleep in there. you know, we pastors can be dense! thick in the head. we're slow to learn. sometimes i've been up preaching, and right in the middle of my sermon i realize that something is wrong. … [Read more...]

christmas caption contest winner announced

Well, it is my joyful Christmas pleasure to announce Brad Shorr of Geneva, Illinois, as this Christmas caption cartoon contest's winner. Runner-up was Angela's, "You win it's Christmas, I win it's Santamas!" I'll buy her a coffee. Good job everyone! There were, once again, many, many good ones, but in the end, one had to win. I'm going to suspend the caption contests until after the busy Christmas season, but I'm looking forward to getting plenty of laughs in the future. … [Read more...]

some meat to chew on

I'm plowing through Torrance's meaty book, Theological Science. It's packed full of good stuff, but I just wanted to share this quote with you: Jesus will always prove intractably enigmatic, indeed an impossible subject for plastic representation of any kind, precisely because He is a Subject who by His very nature resists being subjected to what we deem to be observable being interpreted exclusively in terms of cosmic perceptibility (p. 23). … [Read more...]