in the name of the Holy Toast

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do something

If anything, the gospel tells the story of something accomplished. Done. Finished. Complete. Total. Final. The transformation of one reality into another. A new way of seeing. A new way of being.Do you need to talk? My rates are reasonable. email me … [Read more...]

the soft shoulder of Jesus

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the colorful seamless robe of Jesus

The story of the seamless robe of Jesus perhaps symbolizes the reality of the unity of all things. So complete, in fact, that it is no longer the joining together of different pieces. We are really one.I colored the robe to symbolize that, even in spite of our differences... culturally, religiously, spiritually, sexually, ethnically, socially... our differences become the servants of our unity. … [Read more...]

still gotta walk on water

Look at the story: even after Jesus rescued Peter from drowning, Peter still got back to the boat. Somehow. Unless he swam. Or Jesus carried him. He must have walked.Which is the story of my life. No matter how many times I get rescued, I still have to perform miracles. I still have to walk on water. … [Read more...]

do there have to be consequences?

A disciple is someone who emulates his or her master. When I think of Jesus I think of how gracious he was, patient and inclusive. I think of how radical his love was, as well as his sense of justice.Sure he upset people. But it was because of these things.I used to think bad theology inspired bad behavior. Now I think we create bad theology to endorse bad behavior. So Jesus went after hypocritical behavior first rather than bad theology. He pointed to the fruit, thereby exposing the root. … [Read more...]

zombie disciples

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a pretty great commission

Years ago when I was going to plant a church someone told me that all I needed to do was collect ten tithers... ten people who would tithe 10% of their income. That would give me enough income to meet their average income. Made sense. So, for all you church planters out there: easy-peasy.I never did find ten tithers. Turns out that's who I wasn't looking for anyway.I'm not against tithing or tithers. Lisa and I did it our whole church lives. I didn't teach it though. I don't regret it. Now … [Read more...]

wimp Jesus

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Jesus vs Easter Bunny death match

I always wanted to do this boxing match poster of Jesus Christ vs the Easter Bunny.The fur will fly. See you there.Happy Easter everyone!Easter Sale: my art and prints are available for 50% OFF this weekend. Go HERE. … [Read more...]