rare picture of Jesus with his imaginary friend

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Jesus caught giving advice to his disciples if they’re going to start a church

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If Jesus had a tattoo is this what it would be?

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snow and the indestructibility of Jesus

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Jesus asked to summarize his teaching. You won’t believe what he said.

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No Fear Jesus

Buy a reproduction of this drawing!This doesn't mean Jesus wasn't afraid. Fear is natural. What he is saying is that he didn't allow his fear to rule over him. Didn't the theologian Karl Barth say "Courage is fear getting back in the saddle"? Or was that John Wayne?That's the trick, isn't it?I love the courage of my friends at The Lasting Supper. Come join us. … [Read more...]

Jesus in the foundations of the church

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one of the ways Jesus was bullied at school

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what the boy Jesus said that really upset the elders

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Did Jesus have any idea what we’d turn him into?

Mary heard Jesus crying and went in to his bedroom to comfort him. He often had nightmares predicting what those around him would turn him into.Actually, every single one of us eventually has to resist the pressure to conform to the expectations of others. We also have to accept that people will think of us differently than we actually are.But once you know that you are poised to mature.Shop for my art! Join our online community The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]