Jesus versus Joy

50% OFF SALE USE COUPON CODE 'boxing'!Martin Luther said that joy is a serious matter. But he didn't mean miserable. Grumpy. Sad. He meant we should take joy seriously. The heart of the Christmas message was joy for all the people.Barth insisted that if theologians aren't doing their work with joy, then they should quit.Joy to the world! Why so serious? I know there are terrible things being said and done, but there are ways to challenge and even change these things with the … [Read more...]

what God looks like

As requested, I'm leaving my 50% OFF SALE on for another day or two, so take advantage of it. You could even buy a fine quality reproduction of this cartoon, "What God Looks Like", in my in my store. Just use the coupon code 'boxing' for your discount.I hope you're having a lovely holiday. … [Read more...]

the blood of Jesus, superstition, and magic

Have you read Joan Didion's remarkable memoir, "The Year of Magical Thinking"? It is about the year following her husband's unexpected death. She noticed how her mind played tricks on her as she went through the grieving process. An amazing read.There was or is nothing magical about the blood of Jesus. I know it is almost impossible for some of you to let go of that because the church has taught it, defended it and enforced it for millennia. Superstition dies hard because there is so much … [Read more...]

failure isn’t always failure

I wouldn't always interpret failure as a sign of success. I wouldn't always interpret success as a sign of failure.Neither would I interpret failure as a sign of failure. Nor would I interpret success as a sign of success.Then what do we do? We discern. We discern what is true. What is honest. What has integrity. What is real. What is compassionate.Discernment is the scarcest commodity in the world. It was in Jesus' day. It is now. … [Read more...]

getting your kids up for church

I don't ever remember making our three children go to church.They have different memories.I wonder if teen Jesus complained. I don't want to go! It's too booooooring! The rabbi's an asshole! Why do we keep reading those ancient manuscripts? I don't believe all that crap! What's the point? Won't God love me whether I go or not? I'm sick! I have too much homework. I'm old enough to make my own decisions. Judas' parents don't make him go.But whenever Mary and Joseph pulled the "your the … [Read more...]

when Jesus helps your unbelief

You struggle with your unbelief. You ask for help. It gets worse.I tweeted last night: "Just remove one overused clichéd word from your vocabulary, like the word "believe", and see how it helps shape a new way of thinking." The bible says Satan believes. A lot of good that does him.Actually, I believe losing belief can be an unbelievably good thing. In fact, I moderate an online community where we learn how to deconstruct our beliefs in healthy ways. … [Read more...]

rebuilding the walls that Jesus tore down

Why did something that was intended to be all-inclusive become all-exclusive?Fear? Pride? Error? Money? Power?We believe it is for the whole world. We say it is for the whole world. We act like it's just for us.Before Jesus died he said the Spirit would come in his place. The wild, uncontrollable, uncontainable Spirit that recognizes and obeys no wall.(ANNOUNCEMENT: It's Canada Day weekend, so I'm having a HUGE blowout sale… 50% OFF all my artwork, including Sophia originals, p … [Read more...]

has your Jesus disappeared?

This is totally related to my cartoon and post this morning, "The Progressive Development of My Boxes for God".Things change. Not That beyond the words or ideas, but us. We change.Hopefully our minds.Just for the rest of today all my art is on sale for 40% OFF! Use the coupon code "graduate": SHOP NOW!) … [Read more...]

Jesus has something to say about the Bible

Of course this is true.Just because something isn't factually or historically true, it doesn't mean it isn't truthfully true.True?(Hey! You know about my online community The Lasting Supper, don't you?) … [Read more...]

who Jesus wants to lead the church

Jesus didn't say this but by the way the church behaves you'd think he did.Actually, what inspired this cartoon is a BBC article I read this morning titled Cleveland abductions: Do white victims get more attention?. The writer, Tara McKelvey, claims that nearly half of those abducted in the USA are not white, but the news coverage certainly does not reflect it. She quotes McIlwain, a researcher, who says: "Our national ideal of who is vulnerable - and who holds victim status - are those who … [Read more...]