Look what will happen when Jesus returns!

Fine art reproductions of this cartoon are available here.Looking through a glass lens darkly.I remember this one guy who took videos and pictures of everything. It seemed to me that he lived his whole life through a lens, a pinhole, a narrowly constricted vision.Have you ever experienced a visual moment and been tempted to take a picture and realized that as a result you would miss the moment?Like in the wonderful film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. If you've seen it, there's … [Read more...]

the surprising second coming of the Christ

The German theologian Karl Barth believed that the second coming was a parousia... a revelation of what already is but that we are blind to. He believed that it will be like the pulling back of the veil to reveal what already is true.What I take Barth to mean is that the second coming is a metaphor for humanity to finally see the connectivity in all things, the unity of all things, the All in the all.Our unity with all races. Our unity with all sexualities. Our unity with all genders. … [Read more...]