Jesus asked to summarize his teaching. You won’t believe what he said.

SHOP FOR ART, SOPHIAs and CARTOONS like this one!Some might say this is negative. But I believe that there is goodness in all of us.Remove the dickness and the goodness will abound.One of the cool things about our global community is we're learning how to remove the dickness together. … [Read more...]

from Jesus to Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen says some good things. He does some good things too.I'm not into the argument that we should copy the way Jesus taught or that the church needs to return to its most primitive state.Matters of style are secondary. They are important because the medium is the message. But they are secondary. The content will shape its presentation.What Osteen and similar ministries communicate is positivity, success, prosperity, and hope, wrapped in a charismatic theology and … [Read more...]

hate comes from fear and love starts right here

Some people like to claim that I hate some people because I attack them with my cartoons and posts. I strongly disagree. I can sincerely say I do not hate that person. But I certainly do critique what they say and do.Yesterday I wrote to a friend these words: "I assume we're all equal. So I'm against abuse, control, manipulation, assumptions of power, the presumption of privilege, etc., in whatever mode they appear or are expressed, whether it's with women or church members or LGBT folk or … [Read more...]