join the church and get a free set of knives

Knives in backs everywhere. Some in our hands. Some in our backs.My post yesterday, John MacArthur sends 500,000,000 Charismatics to Hell in Just One Hour got a lot of attention.Then Mark Driscoll's gimmick of crashing MacArthur's "Strange Fire" conference. He was handing out his book on the gifts of the Spirit at MacArthur's conference where they were criticizing them. Driscoll tweeted that MacArthur confiscated his books when MacArthur's team claims Driscoll wouldn't take them but left … [Read more...]

fresh meat

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!This poor guy. I wonder how long he will last.I was actually inspired to draw this because someone bought another one of my original knife-in-the-back cartoons yesterday. This picture popped into my mind. So I drew it.Backbiting and stabbing is so normalized that people expect it now. What about a community that actually tries to be free of this? That's what we're building over at If you say, "Impossible, because … [Read more...]

Cartoon Knife in Back Revisited!

There's an interesting discussion going on over at Phoenix Preacher over this cartoon that I posted the other day. My cartoon on nakedpastor only provoked 7 comments. But Phoenix Preacher is getting a vast range of responses. Some are offended and repulsed by it. Some identify with it.I rarely comment on other blogs. I should do it more often. But I felt like participating in the conversation. Here's what I said: Hey everyone. Quite a conversation!! Maybe I can shed some light on the cartoon … [Read more...]

cartoon: knives and backs

GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS: Order my new cartoon book, nakedpastor101! … [Read more...]