some dangers in leaving the church

I found it very interesting when Thomas Merton, the famous Benedictine monk, applied to become a hermit and it was met with resistance for years. Merton felt the Abbot was resisting Merton's request for personal reasons. That battle is quite a read!The resistance to Merton's request wasn't without merit. Even Merton knew the dangers of living out one's spirituality in isolation. That's what I'm up against. I no longer am a part of a local church community. Neither are many of you! In a way, we … [Read more...]

Structure the Sojourn

When you leave the church, you might feel a little lost. You might feel that your spirituality, like water poured out of a bottle, is just spreading out in all directions with no focus. You might feel as though your spirit has dissipated like helium in the atmosphere.On the one hand, the freedom you now experience is positive and can be enjoyed once you learn how. On the other hand, the freedom you now have might feel like you've suddenly been thrown into the deep end and you can't find your … [Read more...]

3 ways to leave the church

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