my interview on sexuality with Claremont Journal of Religion

I was interviewed by The Claremont Journal of Religion concerning sexuality, gender, LGBT, etcetera. I found it very engaging, and I hope it gives you, my readers, a better idea of where I stand on these issues.Here's an excerpt: "This  is  the  problem:  no  matter  how  open,  accepting  and  caring  religious  organizations  are  towards  marginalized  groups,  if  these  feelings  don't  translate  into  policy  then  it's  empty  speech.  It  means  absolutely  nothing.  As  some  young … [Read more...]

sexual orientation in heaven

It's all a matter of perspective. It's from where you perceive. The judger is the judged. The condemner is the condemned.But! The includer is the included.Purchase my original paintings, drawings and cartoons, as well as prints in my shop! … [Read more...]

heavenly homosexuals

(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25 plus shipping.)I want to welcome you to a community that's forming over at the Lasting Supper. Most are people who have left the church for various reasons... some felt intellectually constricted; some felt controlled; some were living a sexuality that wasn't acceptable to the church; some ran into conflict; some experienced abuse; some are going … [Read more...]

one love two stories

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hate the sin

There are just so many problems with that idea I can't even try to begin! For example... right off the bat homosexuality, never mind homosexual activity, is a sin.But more than that, it attempts to draw a line between the person and his or her state of being, his or her life. It fragments the person, which is violence.What if heterosexuality was a sin? How could one say, "We love you as a person, but we hate heterosexual behavior, and we have no respect for your orientation as a … [Read more...]

lgbt colors unite

Sometimes I want the picture to say the words. Like this one. What more can be said? Really.Concerning my post the other day Women on Top and Biblical Sex, Jared Wilson on The Gospel Coalition has written an apology and retracted his post here.We have a winner of my Sophia print "Trapped" from yesterday's Freebie Friday. Congratulations Courtnee Scott!You can buy my originals and prints like this oneHERE. … [Read more...]

divine makeover

This pretty much says it for me.Equal rights for everyone.This is divine.Own the original cartoon. Or, buy a print of this cartoon. (type "livefree" in the coupon code box for 30% OFF!) … [Read more...]

freebie friday: “i think I’m gay”

It's been a while since I did a Freebie Friday. But I feel like giving something away today. So I decided to give away a print of my most popular cartoon from the past while: "I Think I'm Gay". I posted it this April. It's been very popular and has opened the door to many interesting conversations.You might not care for the print yourself, but you might know someone who would appreciate a copy!All you have to do is: 1. leave a comment on this post. Anything... even just a "hi". 2. you must … [Read more...]

slowly but surely

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we are all the us in Jesus

I claim that in Jesus there are no boundaries. There are no edges. There is no center. All in all. None included. None excluded. The differences and divisions, separations and segregations are all inspired, fabricated, endorsed and enforced by the human race.We are all already one. It is a present reality. Our task is to make it manifest.(This cartoon first appeared on Believe Out Loud.) … [Read more...]