Ellen Page, Anne Rice and Meddling Christians

Apparently, for many, religion gives us permission to presume. And pry. And persecute. And punish.You've probably heard by now that Ellen Page came out as gay.You've also probably heard that Anne Rice supported her and responds to Christian homophobia.I've been reading about the severeĀ anti-gay bill that was passed in Uganda and how this was strongly influenced by some American evangelicals.The gospel has become a tool of discrimination in so many areas such as race, gender and … [Read more...]

Gays etcetera please wait!

How long must we wait? Those making the decisions will take as long as they can because they're experiencing no discomfort.Hey! Come check out our online community, The Lasting Supper. All kinds of people are there. Experience a rich diversity in a safe, supportive community context.ANNOUNCEMENT: I invite you to come to my house tonight at 5:30pm.Come join a group of LGBTQA friends with Wendy VanderWal Gritter of New Direction to reflect together on nurturing generous spaciousness in … [Read more...]

Gays and Biblical Inspiration

Does David Hayward believe in biblical inspiration? Does he believe the bible? Does he even believe in the trinity? Does he believe in God? Does he believe being gay's okay?This doesn't matter to the argument of this cartoon. I feel this is one of my cutest and one of my most poignant and maybe, hopefully, powerful. I love getting inside ideas and challenging them on their own terms.Do you want to hang out with wise and loving people where it's safe to come out and just be you? … [Read more...]

Happy National Coming Out Day Cartoon

It's National Coming Out Day today in the USA. Whoop!For those who've come out, I applaud you. You have my respect.For those who haven't, I applaud you. You have my respect.For those who can't, I applaud you. You have my respect.For those who are afraid, I applaud you. You have my respect.For those who aren't sure, I applaud you. You have my respect.For all of you who recognize, embrace and share your unique self, I applaud you. You have my respect.For all of you who … [Read more...]

people who come out are my heroes

(*** You can purchase a high-quality reproduction of this cartoon HERE.)Honestly, people who come out are my heroes. The incredible courage it takes and the incredible risk they take is phenomenally admirable.In my experience and observation the two most risky issues to come out on are sexual and spiritual. These two seem to be the most taboo. And I applaud those who come out sexually and spiritually.But there are situations where coming out is too risky. Not just Russia or the Bible … [Read more...]

the gay gag reflex

This cartoon is in response to the post written by Thabiti Anyabwile at the Gospel Coalition blog network titled, "The Importance of Your Gag Reflex When Discussing Homosexuality and Gay Marriage".Read it if you want a perfect example of hateful and abusive language against a people group. … [Read more...]

Arizona will finally be free of homosexuals!

(***UPDATE: Apparently this is a hoax. However, let's pretend it's true, as many would like it to be and many honestly do think this way.)Sit any 12 year old child down who thinks he's gay and tell him: "Listen! You're really not a homosexual. God created you heterosexual. So you're disobeying God. You're sinning. You are turning yourself into a freak. Now you have a gay demon, and it's all your fault. Things will not go well for you. You are going to be ridiculed, persecuted, judged and … [Read more...]

The Clandestine Christ

I created a motto I live by: What is real remains; what is false falls away.With the rise of fundamentalism we are, I trust, witnessing the rise of equality for all. After all, that's what fundamentalism is: a reactionary response to what it fears, can't control, and hates which begins defensively but often ends offensively.Rather than assuming the old method of working within the system to affect change, many completely bypass established systems to create alternative lifestyles and … [Read more...]

gays confessing

Whenever I post a cartoon that reveals my advocacy for the LGBT community and for marriage equality, I usually get comments that if I advocate that, then I'm also advocating pedophilia, rape, bestiality, sex slavery and more. Ya.It shouldn't come as any surprise that Sandy Rios of Fox News thinks this way, as well as Dr. Erwin Lutzer, a Chicago pastor she interviewed. Take a listen. It's only a couple of minutes. She compares gay love to the kidnapper/rapist Ariel Castro's rape and torture … [Read more...]

tired of being put on hold

There are a lot of people being put on hold. Their inalienable rights are being withheld.Who withholds them? Those in power who have the "hold" button while enjoying their inalienable rights."Let's just give this time.""Let's not rush it.""Let's just see how this turns out.""If God is behind it then eventually it'll turn out.""Patience is required in times like these.""We must wait for more information and clarity."These are things said by people who are enjoying … [Read more...]