even leaders must collaborate with the system

I'm not only sympathetic to congregants within the church system who have to hide parts of their lives. The same happens to the leaders. I know both sides because I've been there. In order for the system to continue, everyone has to agree to collaborate.There is a silent code of conduct that you don't reveal the disagreeable parts of yourself that could threaten the security of the system or its ideology. Members and pastors can be victims of this reality.This is the last day of my … [Read more...]

Exodus International Closes Its Doors Forever

Alan Chambers, the head of Exodus International, a ministry devoted to "change therapy" for gays and lesbians, has announced that it is shutting down permanently.He has also issued an apology for all the pain and hurt many have experienced at the hands of this ministry.You can read a news article here, as well as Exodus International's own announcement, along with Chambers' apology, here.This ministry has been in operation for 37 years and has wreaked havoc on countless lives. I'm … [Read more...]

Jesus prophesies to the LGBT community

Who wants to go back to a time when interracial marriage was illegal and separating the offenders was applauded?Who wants to go back to a time when eating lobster was punishable by death?Who wants to go back to a time when picking up firewood on a Sunday permitted your parents to kill you?Who wants to go back to a time when committing adultery allowed people to execute you on the spot with a spear?Who wants to go back to a time when masturbation sent you to the grave … [Read more...]

no this is not a gay friendly church

No, this is not a gay-friendly church.I remember posting this, one of my first gay advocacy cartoons, many years ago. The wake behind that was, well, interesting.I believe in equality for all, including equal opportunity. … [Read more...]

gays rejected but so was Jesus

What came first?Our idea of the good person? Or our interpretation of what the bible says is a good person? Or the biblical writers' idea of what is a good person? Or the biblical writers' culture's idea of what is a good person? Or God's idea of what is a good person? Or the ancient culture's idea of what God's idea of what is a good person? Or our beliefs about what God's idea is of a good person?Of course, these all feed off of each other in a vicious circle of life that protects … [Read more...]

jesus and his rainbow robe

Of course this didn't happen. But I thought it made for an interesting story.Plus there's the guys playing games while something far more important is happening. It actually reminds me of a lot of the debate going on around the sexuality and gender issues. They sometimes seem like such silly word games when human freedom and equality are at stake. … [Read more...]

would you just like to be tolerated?

This is another cartoon addressing marriage equality and LGBTQ themes. Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Equality is more than tolerance.Tolerance means putting up with something, enduring it, allowing it to be present in your world. It's something that's done from a position of power, from a position of superiority to that which is tolerated. We are now realizing that this posture is very very problematic. You can observe a prime example of this problematic posture in Rick Warren's … [Read more...]

by the book or by the heart

I actually remember the day when I realized that books may inform my life, but they don't have to rule it. It wasn't a forced or coerced decision. It was more like a revelation.It was one of the most liberating moments of my life. … [Read more...]

the grave gavel and same sex marriage

Several years ago I worked in the States for a while. My wife's American but I still needed a worker's visa. But when I lost my job, there we were stuck with a house and van that we'd bought. Lisa and the kids booted it back to Canada to recover while I stayed down in the States to sell the house and van. Officially I was now there illegally. It was a very strange feeling being alive and well but somehow invalid. Existentially I felt both human and illegitimate through no fault of my own. … [Read more...]

sheep week: the new black

Welcome to another installment for SHEEP WEEK! This sheep is the new black sheep. This is what I mean:At the root of our divisions is the fear of the Other, the Different, the Not-Like-Us. I suggest that this deep-rooted fear spawned the scriptures that preach separation and segregation, which in turn spawn our established separations and segregations.That is, those scriptures that we appeal to that sanction our segregations actually appeal to the divisions that already exist in our … [Read more...]