sheep week: the new black

Welcome to another installment for SHEEP WEEK! This sheep is the new black sheep. This is what I mean:At the root of our divisions is the fear of the Other, the Different, the Not-Like-Us. I suggest that this deep-rooted fear spawned the scriptures that preach separation and segregation, which in turn spawn our established separations and segregations.That is, those scriptures that we appeal to that sanction our segregations actually appeal to the divisions that already exist in our … [Read more...]

Vatican releases LBGT colored smoke after conclave

I want to thank one of my readers, Gary, for giving me the idea for this cartoon!Imagine! Imagine if everyone's rights were recognized. Imagine if everyone had equal rights, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation...Imagine! Because imagination is where it begins.SHOP … [Read more...]