we no longer stone now we stonewall

This cartoon today was inspired by my friend Kimberly Knight, a woman in ministry who is a lesbian. She wrote an articulate Facebook update yesterday: "I am tired of being petulantly asked by conservative and moderate folks 'where is the inclusiveness?' and 'where is the tolerance?' when I am standing up for my own inclusion and what I will no longer tolerate is the degradation of my humanity‚Ķ Those are the straw men of the privileged the when their right to be exclusive and intolerant is being … [Read more...]

coming out as a way of life

This is just this baby's first coming out. There will be a lot more to come.If we have enough courage, we will all come out many, many times.If we have enough conviction to be true, we will come out often.I'm sure many of you have already come out in one way or another more than once.Maybe you came out as an atheist. Or as a believer. Or as a socialist. Or as a Republican. Or as transgender. Or as an artist. Or as a monk.Come out! Make it your way of life. … [Read more...]

most popular LGBTQ cartoon “i think i’m gay”

This by far has been my most popular cartoon after the LGBTQ theme, and it may actually be my most popular cartoon ever.For me, images have a powerful effect. For some people, including friends of mine, they just can't imagine or picture some things in their minds. But if they see a picture, they can recognize it.Same with this cartoon. Some people have written to me saying they had no mental image of Jesus loving a gay person. The darkness in their minds reflected itself into a feeling … [Read more...]

marriage equality won’t go away

Tomorrow and Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases regarding same-sex marriage... one concerning California's Proposition 8 and the other the Defense of Marriage Act. Significant!Marriage equality is not going away. I'm hopeful, even convinced, that it is coming. Soon. I'm speaking from Canada so for some of you I live in the future.Some would see this advancement as a terrible regression. They would think of the Noah and the flood. They would believe that … [Read more...]