new Sophia “light”

ANNOUNCEMENT: All my Sophia originals are drastically reduced until Christmas! CLICK HERE.Well, it has been an interesting two and a half years since leaving the church. Let me tell you about it in a nutshell:In May 2009 I dreamed about a waterfall in which I saw that all things are One. I knew the unity of all things. It totally transformed my brain. An immediate and lasting peace came to my mind, and all my theological, philosophical, intellectual, as well as my existential, spiritual … [Read more...]

Darkness Does Not Overcome It

Years ago I heard a pastor use this illustration to press home his point:My pastor and one of his pastor friends walk into a dimly lit restaurant. The pastor friend starts confessing his questions to my pastor, how he struggles with some fundamentals of the faith, and how he wonders if this is a legitimate part of his growth to spiritual maturity. My pastor quickly jumped in to correct him and says, "Did you notice how dark it was in here when we came in. We could hardly find our way to this … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: turn you on?

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