all ears or all mouth

Of course sometimes we should speak. But most the time listen.Unfortunately, for many, it's the other way around.(If I may give a plug for my other site that you might be interested in, The Lasting Supper, I am amazed at the quality of conversations and the generosity and kindness of the listening that happens there. You might want to check it out and consider joining: CLICK HERE.) … [Read more...]

one minute message: listening

One of the biggest problems in religion is the inability to listen. Check this out: … [Read more...]

cartoon: speak Lord…

I was just speaking with someone yesterday who was talking about the silence of God. It's been years. Silence ain't always golden. I suggested that we used to be inundated with dozens of words of the Lord daily and that we need to learn a new language. Or perhaps a new way of hearing. I sense that my whole structure of understanding "word", the entire construct, the complete grid, is being dissembled.I have NEW CARTOON BOOK! Get fine art prints of my cartoons. Get my t-shirts. Please join my … [Read more...]

cartoon: imagined real

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