Purchase a fine art print of this cartoon!We are lonely in the universe. We can surround ourselves with other people, but as long as we aren't living openly with ourselves then we will continue to experience this loneliness. Plus it helps to find at least one other person. I have a few people locally who I am open with. Especially my wife Lisa. Then a few local friends. That is slowly growing. Plus I am meeting people online who alleviate my feelings of loneliness.If you are having to hide … [Read more...]

so crowded so lonely

You know if you aren't here now you certainly have been. For one thing, it is normal to experience periods of alienation even when surrounded by loved ones. But if it's chronic, it's time to start asking some important questions.I make time available at a reasonable rate if you need to talk. email me … [Read more...]

cartoon: Lunch with Jesus

When I was in public school I struggled with an inferiority complex. Even though some people remember me as being well-liked and sometimes even popular, I don't remember it that way. I suppose it is the more powerful and overwhelming emotions we remember… like feelings of inferiority, shame, and rejection. I sometimes still struggle with these things. Many people do.But I also remember from when I was a small child feeling loved and cared for. Even before the church was a part of my life. It h … [Read more...]