do you keep losing Jesus?

It used to be that the sheep got lost and Jesus sought after the sheep, even leaving the ninety-nine to do so.Now we keep losing Jesus. What are we willing to leave behind to search for him and find him?I love historical Jesus studies. I love theological conversations around Jesus.I've been thinking a lot about the centrality of Christ lately. Is it possible that all other religions can legitimately continue without their founders, while Christianity in substance cannot?Jesus, … [Read more...]

a sheep’s attempted escape

There's really no theological commentary to add to this one. Sheep don't intentionally try to escape and hide. At least I don't think so.However, just the other day someone asked me how it felt to be lost. I politely replied that I'm not lost, but escaped. And then I thought of this cartoon and realized that even though I have escaped, I keep getting dragged back into the fold, engaging in the conversation around theology and the church.So I guess some of us are like sheep in the desert, … [Read more...]