captivated by love or holding love captive

BUY A PRINT: JUST $25!I'd rather love and be loved. Wouldn't you?I'd rather be captivated by love than hold love captive. Wouldn't you?Let love go.Be released!We're learning how to love at The Lasting Supper. Try it out. … [Read more...]

church, community and huggles

I believe in the the power of authentic community because I've experienced it and experience it still.One of the church's greatest potential assets is community. Of course, where we may most succeed is also where we may most fail. But I have experienced the power of authentic community in a church context, and really there's nothing like it. I have heard of similar experiences in AA and similar 12-step programs, as well as other religious and interest groups. If you've experienced true … [Read more...]

does the law have power over love?

I'm continuing my marriage equality and LGBTQ themed cartoons this week because today and tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases regarding same-sex marriage… one concerning California’s Proposition 8 and the other the Defense of Marriage Act.Of course the law has no control over who we love. But it can make it inconvenient. Or convenient.William Stringfellow, who was in my opinion one of the most important American theologians (Karl Barth agreed), had a lot to sa … [Read more...]

love the love on Valentine’s Day

The greatest mystics believed love is at the root of all things, the source of all things, fills all things, consumes all things. In fact, some give this love a capital "L", as in "Love", as if it personally loves us.It is only our paradigms and language that seems to separates us. Our thoughts. All is love. Except where it isn't. And there it is confusion.Like this man in the cartoon, all we have to do is collapse our protection and let the love in. And out!All my original art and … [Read more...]