10 reasons why abusive churches succeed

(***Visit my online gallery for tons of popular cartoons, Sophias and other artwork!)I immediately want to acknowledge the danger of blaming the victims of abuse. My hope is that I've prevented myself from doing so or from even implying it.I'm fascinated by the fact that such ministries as Mark Driscoll's continue to grow. For a culture that is clearly abusive and swift to bully its members, it surprisingly lives on. Or is it surprising?Here are 10 reasons why I think such abusive … [Read more...]

A letter to Mark Driscoll about the Christmas story

Actually, one of the members of our online community, Julie-Anne Morris posted this in our secret Facebook group. So with her permission I created this for your viewing pleasure!I posted a different cartoon of this this morning, but I thought I would just use her quote on the image instead. … [Read more...]

join the church and get a free set of knives

Knives in backs everywhere. Some in our hands. Some in our backs.My post yesterday, John MacArthur sends 500,000,000 Charismatics to Hell in Just One Hour got a lot of attention.Then Mark Driscoll's gimmick of crashing MacArthur's "Strange Fire" conference. He was handing out his book on the gifts of the Spirit at MacArthur's conference where they were criticizing them. Driscoll tweeted that MacArthur confiscated his books when MacArthur's team claims Driscoll wouldn't take them but left … [Read more...]

silence as key to Pastor Dad Mark Driscoll’s ministry

Any regime will work if the silence of the masses is kept. Those in authority rule. Those ruled submit silently. If only people would be quiet, you could do anything to them. Silence keeps the machine running smoothly.This is the strategy of Mark Driscoll's ministry at Mars Hill Church. It is doubly effective because the bible is used to reinforce it.I am grateful that Driscoll is so clear on his intentions. And generous! He preached an 81 minute sermon on fatherhood and turned it into a … [Read more...]

mark driscoll woman is whore

I had this lined up for tomorrow morning, but some things just can't wait.Mark Driscoll again exposes his deep issues with women in his post about Esther. Here's a quote: Feminists have tried to cast Esther’s life as a tragic tale of male domination and female liberation. Many evangelicals have ignored her sexual sin and godless behavior to make her into a Daniel-like figure, which is inaccurate. Some have even tried to tie her story in with modern-day, sex-slave trafficking as she was brought … [Read more...]