spiritual transition and marriage

This is a photo of Lisa and me at our engagement party in 1979. Oh my God what a babe. And she's gorgeous too! Today we celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. It's been an incredible journey, and I love where we are.I have been thinking a lot today about spiritual transition and marriage. I was talking with someone recently who said that when one of the partners in a marriage goes through profound spiritual upheaval and transition, their marriage almost always "ends up in the shitter". That's … [Read more...]

my piece of America

This is my wife Lisa. Talk about an independent spirit from the deep south of Alabama! We met at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. I went down there from Canada to study religious music. I switched to theology after I met her. Long story. We rapidly fell in love and got married in 1980. Right after we were married we moved to Boston were I studied for my theology masters at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary under the New Testament scholar Dr. Gordon Fee. Then we went to McGill … [Read more...]

Disrespect First Sign

This is my daughter. I love her. Her name is Casile. When she marries, I want her to marry a man who respects her and treats her with dignity, as I have.Research indicates that the first sign of a failure in marriage is a lack of respect between the two parties. Disrespect is the first yellow flag that the end is in sight and that the relationship will break.I've seen this during my many years of pastoral care. If I detect any lack of respect between the wife and the husband, then I know the … [Read more...]

Wish Me a Happy 30th!!

This is my beautiful wife Lisa and me at our wedding that took place 30 years ago today. I was 21 and she was 19. I can't believe it. Isn't she stunning? Everyone comments on who got the better end of this deal! Why I wore white I'll never know. I look like something from a Tim Burton movie. But this was the happiest day of my life. And they've gotten happier ever since. You know what I mean. We have some special plans for the day. … [Read more...]

cartoon: Fireproof

Check out my tees HERE. I'm growing my inventory all the time. And check out my art HERE. … [Read more...]

A Parable of Me and My Community

This parable, roughly written yesterday and today, captures the story of my life and my church's life. Here's how it goes:A beautiful young woman fell in love and married the perfect man. It was a famous wedding. They were the ideal couple. They had the admiration of everyone around. It was a fairy-tale wedding and a dream marriage. Things were wonderful. For about a year.She realized, as she became more mature and self-aware, that she wanted to continue to grow and develop as a person. She … [Read more...]

You and Your Skin

Lisa and I are insurance poor. That's just one of our problems. We've got to figure out ways to bring down these expenses! Late last night, while we were talking about our insurances, we came to the conclusion that we could cut some of them. We are definitely over-insured. If I died she'd be set for life. If she died, I'd be doing very well... financially anyway. I suggest that when I die she just dump me in the river across the street. I'd take care of the rest. Then I said, "I think I could … [Read more...]

What Holds Us Together

I've been thinking about what holds us together as a community. This has been on my mind because of the many people I hear from, almost daily, who are hungering for true community but can't find it. I see this especially in the young, who have no interest in what used to define community. They are looking for something else.It has become obvious to me that, for instance, it isn't the marriage license, the certificate, the paper, that holds a marriage together. It has also become increasingly … [Read more...]

old cartoon: valentines red letter edition

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Silence and Crucibles of Change

I'm feeling kind of quiet these days... again! I'm lying low. Or trying to. In spite of my attempts to be quiet, the is the never ending suffering of those around me. And I, to a degree, suffer myself.Marriages of my friends are breaking up at an alarming rate. It is epidemic, shall we say. And, as usual, our own marriage is being stretched as Lisa and I try to learn to grow as individuals while staying in love and in close proximity. You see, this is always the problem: how to grow personally … [Read more...]