Jesus hearts nakedpastor so much he is helping him move!

 I'm leaving Patheos. No hard feelings. Nothing's wrong. There's no drama. And this isn't spin. All is well.The simple fact motivating nakedpastor going to its own url is that nakedpastor needs to stand on its own with its own website in order to serve his fans better. That's all it is.Starting on Saturday, March 1, you will find nakedpastor at!Thanks for your patience while I make the move! … [Read more...]

I did a quiz and look who I got!

Call me weird but I have no desire to find out what movie-star or TV character I'm like. I'm so ego-centric I think they are like me! In fact, when someone says I look just like Bruce Cockburn, I correct them and tell them no, he looks like me!So I decided to make this meme showing that I am just like me. … [Read more...]

sometimes trying to be helpful to women isn’t

It's this kind of thing that really pisses me off. Someone alerted me that this image was being used on a Facebook page, One Million Vaginas. I contacted them and they appear to have taken it down. I don't blame OMV, but the creator of this idiotic and misogynist meme. I even contacted imgflip but they were unable to help me find it amongst there millions of images. Not their fault either. It's the creator I'm after.But it is a mystery to me why some feminist sites like it.The problem … [Read more...]