Why Miley Cyrus Matters

When it comes to human nature, some consider me wildly optimistic while others revile me as morbidly pessimistic. When it comes to people, I consider myself a realist: we are capable of great good; we are also capable of inestimable evil.Miley Cyrus continues to be demonized while Robin Thicke is beatified.When I posted this popular cartoon last week, "The Public Stoning of Miley Cyrus", the comments confirmed to me that sexism, misogyny and rape-culture is alive and well on planet … [Read more...]

the public stoning of Miley Cyrus

Right out of the gate I want to assure you that I'm not judging Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke in this cartoon and post. This cartoon is about us, not them. I'm sure Cyrus doesn't mind the press.Actually, before this ever happened they were saying, "Let's do something people will NEVER forget!" And they did. Mission accomplished. I don't feel sorry for Cyrus. She'll make mistakes like the rest of us, but she's a smart, savvy, talented woman.What I am critiquing is our reaction to her. Cyrus … [Read more...]