the mind and spiritual growth

Spiritual transformation is very difficult.The mind is a very complex organ, bent on its own self-preservation, security and comfort. The brain's primary purpose is to protect the organism. Once we see this to be true, then many other things make sense.For instance, the brain is an expert tweaker. We can see self-protection occurring in religion and spiritual growth. Often, what we think is spiritual growth is actually a slight modification of the thoughts already present. But the brain is … [Read more...]

Zombie Church

One of the things I found very frustrating within the church was the limitations put upon my mind. Especially for a pastor. I was under constant scrutiny. I know this is true for people all across the church spectrum. Chewing on the same outdated thinking over and over again. Thinking outside of the box is prohibited and punishable. This doesn't produce transformation. Just conformation.Of course I didn't live according to the limitations.Of course this got me in trouble.Of course I'd do … [Read more...]

Change of Geography is not a Change of Mind

A change of geography is not a change of mind.And for us to be transformed, it is the mind that needs to be renewed.We can change locations, churches, styles, formats, platforms and words. But unless our minds have been changed then nothing significant has really changed.It amazes me when I talk to people who have made a significant move. They've made some kind of exterior change and feel all radical about it. But I'm still talking to the very same person. There really has been no change. … [Read more...]

off switch

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Redecorating Information

One thing we must understand about the mind is its incredible capacity to think that it is thinking. Its ability to suck on the same lollipop forever, delighting itself with the pleasure of what it thinks is thought, is endless. The brain's primary function is to protect the organism, so it stubbornly resists change. And so it rejects the way to true change, and that is by death. The mind refuses to die to itself. If it's primary function is to protect the organism and secure life, then of … [Read more...]

cartoon: open-minded?

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cartoon: mind-mapping

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Food For Our Brains

The problem with community that endeavors to be diverse is the same problem with the human race. Generally, those who think more conservatively judge those who think more liberally and those who think more liberally despise those who think more conservatively. This happens in the community I am a part of. It's not unusual or unexpected because it is typical of humanity to behave in such a way.It is only understandable for everyone to think they are right and those who think otherwise are … [Read more...]

The Crucified Scientific Brain

I've finally taken the time to read an article in Friday, January 26, 2007's Telegraph Journal called, "The Science Behind Spirituality" that I found interesting. There's not a lot of information there and it basically just whetted my appetite for more. I'm interested in mind and brain studies and science as it relates to spirituality, faith and religion. It begins by posing some questions: Does God exist outside the human mind, or is God a creation of our brains? Why do we have faith in things … [Read more...]